Vermintide and Battleborn's PvE

(Been a while since i posted something here, heh)

So, first things first, got to explain what Vermintide is quickly:
It’s basically a First person co-op “horde” game (Like or Left 4 Dead) with Warhammer as a setting.

Why do i talk about? Well, because Co-op, first person, and horde. Which basically Battleborn’s PvE is. And i’m curious as to what we might expect from Battleborn’s PvE when there is something like Vermintide which seems to have understood well on what make this genre interesting (Co-op Horde games) and even try to improve it.

So far we have more information about Vermintide than Battleborn (Because Vermintide is close to release) and so far, as a Co-op horde game, Vermintide looks really interesting. Or at least from what TB say:

I hope Battleborn get the PvE right, i already said that i was a bit worried about the randomized element of the maps/missions (Or lack of) and about the difficulty from the Cons footages of Battleborn we have (Being only a demo from an unfinished game, it’s not that worrying, but you get my point). Vermintide seems to have those right (With enemies randomly spawning, and the difficulty from the footage already look right, and i guess it wasn’t even the higher one)
But also loot, which Battleborn will have, obviously, but one thing i liked from the Vermintide footage is that doing “secondary objectives” give you more chance to have better loot. And it’s a really good thing, as it doesn’t feel like loot is purely RNG, but also depend on how well you did, or how dedicated you were.

Basically, Vermintide looks interesting because:
-Random enemies spawn
-Loot, depending on how dedicated you were during mission.
-Characters class
-Interesting characters
-Enemy AI
-Loadout customization
-Good difficulty

Battleborn already got some of that right from what we have seen (Like Characters charisma, and “classes”) but for some it either looks like it miss it, is unknown, or might change (Randomization, difficulty, loadout)

So, i’ll probably get Vermintide (Still depend on how well it run, etc) as i was a big Left 4 Dead player which spent hundreds of hours into Expert campaigns and that Vermintide basically looks like L4D 2.0, and i’m still wondering what features Battleborn will use to make PvE something relevant, and interesting?
Also, this thread is relevant to some stuff i was talking about (Randomization): Will the Campaign Make Use of RNG?


Looks rad! I love Warhammer alot and this looks just neat! <3

When is that Warhammer game coming out? I want it badly.

Currently, I don’t think Battleborn has a horde mode. The PvE missions are more like a mission from Halo, i.e. you progress along a specified path to your objectives fighting enemies along the way. Battleborn could benefit from an endless horde mode, for sure (my gf and I loved Nazi zombies from CoD Black Ops). It would be fun to see just how far you can get with your friends, or get really competitive and try to find the best team comps and strategies to climb to the top of the leaderboards. It’s entirely up to the devs at this point to decide if they want to add a horde mode to the game, either at launch or as DLC later.

You kinda missed the point (And the video, probably)
Hordes games are not all “Arena” hordes games (Like Killing Floor).
Left 4 Dead is a Horde game, and so is Vermintide and Battleborn’s PvE.

Horde game = Game where you shoot/slash/whatever lots of enemies as a team (Be at in an Arena, or through a level from A to B)

The "building and upgrading turrets with in-match currency’ thing is a perfect fit for Horde mode - GoW 3’s Horde was simply stellar, and I’d love to see something like that implemented here, with such a diversity of characters it could be incredible fun.

Also, Vermintide looks awesome - I love Skaven!

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I hope something like this gets implemented.
Before or after release.
It’s perfect for those who rather enjoy their endgame with endless modes, instead of replaying the same missions or multiplayer.
Pretty much the “Endgame-triad”:

  • (Competitive) Multiplayer
  • Max.level Grinding
  • Endless Mode

Also I like the RNG option. Something to consider as an after-story option for the missions. Or for levels that are unlocked after the story, that pretty much act as retroactive filler episodes with side missions.
Because you gotta keep in mind, that every mission is there to continue the story.
Aside from that, I saw a suspicious gate or something in the demo level. It’s during the narrow passage near the cliff, right at the start.


You’re a fan of RNG, you say? I was just going on about this. Something to keep the endgame fresh.

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Not exactly fan, if you play a game that incorporates crit-chance.
But in this case yes. Only for the “advanced mode” though. I read your thread btw.

Vermintide was released 23. Oct., so it is already out

Quick glance through this thread and I read Horde-mode… All I can think of is Mad Moxxi. “The Horde-Wave is coming to eat ya! Om nom nom nom…”

Would be a nice cross over for the BL/BB series if they had Mad Moxxi do the announcement stuff. Then to explain why she’s there, she makes some elusive comment about a vault and a portal and now she’s here…