Vermivorius Farming tonight

Tonight I would like to farm Vermivorius for Head Skins. I would like dedicated players who are willing to go hrs and hrs into the night. U.S. eastern time so anytime around 9pm. Add me Mountain-X

I realize you may know the game well, but if your just after heads and skins etc its way quicker and easier to do it in TVHM using level 72 up gear. That’s how I got my head for Maya. And out of interest, I got him to spawn just as much in TVHM as UVHM playing solo using the 4 player method. If you want Norfleet or other drops then that’s a different matter. Best of luck too, Verm is my favorite dude in the whole of the game :smile:

Thanks I completely forgot about going to Master Gee. I’m a bit rusty lol

What lvl are you farming him?

TVHM right now, I’m just farming for Heads and Skins. After Verm, it’s Terra, Saturn and Hyperion Assains. Once have those skins and heads I’ll finish UVHM

Good luck with the Assassins, not sure anyone in history has ever got that skin. It’s bad enough getting an Emporer!!

im looking for players to farm him now if anyone if keen? my psn is “slacidHD”

There’s actually a video on YouTube of it dropping during gameplay for a guy. But I’ve given up hope myself. :frowning:

I’m close to giving in and asking for the head lol

What are you after exactly? I spend a lot of time Verm hunting and if I get Verm to drop anything you are after it’s yours.

Lol, I’m a collector. I’m after all the head and skins he drops lol I’m almost done with Terra farming for skins

Ok. Next time I get a drop I’ll post here. Nothing I need from him now apart from Norfleets and Class Mods.