Vermivorous and the unstoppable buzzard doucheforce

So I’ve been farming vermy the last few days for a Norfleet to begin soloing digistruct peak, as everyone knows that the norfleet is somewhat of a staple. I’ve had little to no luck getting him to spawn… Until today that is. I began farming for him around 2:30 this morning at the tundra express farm houseand low and behold about 5 minutes in I see the supreme pod pop up and nearly crap myself. So I begin twiddling away at his health. And a few minutes later the buzzards start popping up. At the time I’m not too worried until more varkids start spawning. Which forces me to hide I. The farm house again. That’s when the buzzards start leading verm too far away for comfort. So I had out to grab his attention again. Unfortunately I died in the process. By the time I return to surface, he’s gone, but as luck would have it, in mere minutes not one, but TWO more verms spawn. I was still a little upset about the loss of the first verm, but it was suddenly ok again. Until the loot bandits spawn more buzzards and despite my best efforts, one of the verms disappears… Again… With some time and effort I manage to finally kill verm number 3. Who only drops a slag nasty surprise. A decent drop but I’m almost positive had I killed all 3 verms, at least one would have dropped a norfleet. I suppose the point I’m trying to make is that the buzzards need their spawn point moved so that killing a raid boss that’s already not guaranteed to spawn in the first place isn’t so ridiculously hard for those of us who don’t have friends to play with. Thoughts anyone?

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Hyperius drops the Norfleet, so you can try him for a better chance. (since he spawns everytime)

I haven’t had much luck staying alive in that fight. Maybe its my build but yeah.

I agree, but it’s not something they’re going to change at this point, alas.
Hyperius isn’t difficult, you can ask for advice in the appropriate character subsection. If you can (mostly) survive all the hassle you’ve described you shouldn’t have a problem :slight_smile: - it’s just tactics.

More to the point, going after him for a Norfleet is going after one of the most abysmal drop rates in the game.

You have a much, much better chance of getting it from Verm. Not one in three, probably, but nevertheless.
I wouldn’t consider it necessary at all for OP levels, but if you want one…well, why shouldn’t you?

I’ve always preferred Caustic Caverns for Verm, since the environment and the spawns are easier to control, and there are no buzzards (absolute b*****s if you ask me) to be enraged by. Once spawned, UBAs and Verm are less likely to wander (or be led) off, as well.
Just aggro some crystalisks and let everything duke it out while you observe, hopefully wearing an alkaline shield for when a BA randomly decides to charge and send you flying into the goo.

Good luck!


Uhhhhh. I’ve killed him about 100+ times and never seen a Norfleet, Hyperius sucks.

@dallen2011 - Dude, I feel your pain. That’s why Caustic Caverns is probably better solo for Verm as you can get him fighting Crystalisks and it makes it A: Easier to kill him, and B: Very little chance of him vanishing.

The farmhouse method is good, but the buzzards are a major pain in the ass, and when you watch him disappear it’s incredibly frustrating. Having said that, the game has too many glitches in it for a 100% chance. He just vanishes in too many places.

Buzzards are easily the worst enemy in BL2. Never sticks around more than 3 seconds by resorting to cheap hit and run tactics and dodges in all 3 dimensions.

I know someone has already suggested it but Hyperius may be a better bet. Don’t have to try and get him to spawn (though you’re probably fighting Vermi because it’s more fun) and there are no enemies to get in the way. From a very rough estimate, he drops one about 1% of the time, maybe the increased drop rate will help.

farm round two natural selection. wave 5 has ultimate that can spawn vermi. chances for tubbies too. if you hit ghee or hyperious areas first to trigger four player, it isn’t bad. no buzzards. just remember to fail or quit if you beat it before the game saves… or back up you game before farming.

Yeah I’m pummelling away at Hyp for an OP8 Norfleet but no joy so far, only legendary I’ve had is a Sledge’s Shotgun.

Verm may have a much higher drop-rate but getting him to spawn in the first place is a nightmare. First you have to fight through the refinery to Hyp’s door to set the difficultly level to 4-player, then he still hardly ever spawns in my experience.

I would still take Vermi any day over Hyperius. Unfortunately, Vermi’s pool is also rather big containing five different drops: Legendary Vault Hunter COM, Head, Skin, Nasty Surprise and Norfleet. As a result you have a 1/5 chance for a Norfleet every time you kill Vermi.
As the others have said the Caustic Caverns are much better. Overall there are also a lot more Varkids too and a lot more cover to choose from. Not to mention the almost unkillable Crystalisks.
Hyperius on the other hand has at least six drops (or it’s even bigger if the non-guaranteed Seraphs are in that pool too) and only a small chance to drop one of them (and it really doesn’t feel like he has a drop rate increase. Only got a Sledge’s Shotgun in 50 kills and that one dropped on the first kill). Depending on level, unless you’re using the Boss Blaster Salvador, it can take a while to kill Hyperius making it that much slower compared to Vermi.

I went to Master Gee instead- bit of a shorter route to his gate and it paid off- at Tundra Express (but all I got was the Blacklight skin for Sal…).

Master Gee doesn’t drop the norfleet. Only verm and hyperius

I know- but it’s faster to get to Master Gee’s gate than it is to Hyperious- and if you’re trying to spawn Vermiverous, like I was (and did), saving even just a few minutes helps…

Faster? Maybe slightly, but hyperius has more chests between the fast travel and him than gee

Perhaps- but I want to get into 4 player mode to hunt Vermiverous- I’ve already done Hyperious (and got a slag Norfleet from him…).