Vermivorous despawn rate

Hey all,

I had a question about Vermi spawn/despawn rates for X360 vs PC.

Some background: I recently was running around caustic caverns trying to get vermivorous to spawn. On the way to the Minecraft easter egg, around that first airlock door you open in minecart madness, a varkid vermivorized while fighting a crystalisk. I was super excited and started blasting away. But I kept getting hit from behind by something. I looked behind me and it was a badass varkid at the top of the main building hitting me with the accuracy of a sniper. I went to quickly deal with him, and when I came back Vermi was gone. It was maddening.

I was on the x360, so I’m thinking it’s an issue with resources on the crappier system? Either way, the fact that they had some badass varkid–who had no business even seeing me–sniping me, and then Vermi despawns when I go over to him, is super frustrating, to put it nicely. Would something like that have happened on PC? Or is that just the nature of Vermivorous? He just despawns whenever? For a boss that’s such a pain to even spawn, let alone kill, did they have to make it super difficult to even keep the dumb thing around? It’s incredibly stupid, and it makes me want to not play this game. I’m getting mad just thinking about it.

Ok, semi-rant, semi-question over. Let me know what your experiences are with this, especially on PC. I’m curious if it’s better with regards to Vermi.

IIRC, Vermivorous can despawn if you get too far away regardless of platform. It is entirely possible that on PC the distant before a despawn occurs may be slightly greater than on (mostly last-gen) Consoles (due to hardware limitations), but I cannot confirm that since I play on Xbox 360. Even so, I can’t see the allowable distance before a despawn being that much greater on a PC. I suppose the moral of the story is: never let Vermivorous out of your sight (just to be safe).

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He’s despawned when I’ve been playing on PC.

It just happens.

[quote=“brak3000, post:1, topic:588550”]vermivorized[/quote]Word of the day right here.

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That guy is one of the worst trolls in the game. I sometimes invent a fake errand to the caverns simply so I can remind him of times past.


To make any sort of contribution, I haven’t noticed a change in moving from Ps3 to PC. The game sometimes struggles trying to find room just for the SBA and UBA models and is probably looking for an excuse to despawn them as quickly as possible.
It doesn’t affect frames or performance, the game just seems unhappy about them being there which is reflected in their AI.
If more than two UBAs have to share the same map they seem to develop distinctly antisocial tendencies and wander off in search of solitude. Same with Verm, in my experience.

The lesson, as bitter as it is: take out that badass at the first available opportunity.

Thanks for the advice guys. Glad (if that’s the right word to use?) to hear the misery is equally spread to all platforms. And I’m going to have to remember to keep an eye out for that sniper varkid.

I’d say that Borderlands 2 has a long list of problems, but the frustration (not the challenge or difficulty) involved with obtaining a Norfleet is up near the top.