Vermivorous Farm

Trying to farm Vermivorous (mostly for customization items) but I would love some help! I currently have a Psycho in the 50s, Commando in the 50s and an assassin soon to be in the 40s. If anyone can help that would be great.


Hey, what timezone are you in?

US Eastern

Are you still trying to farm him? I’m looking for the head and skin he drops for my siren. I’m an OP 5 right now. You can keep all the other gear he drops. I just need a group to up his spawn chance.

Yeah, but I’ve been quite busy lately so we’ll have to make plans ahead of time. You can msg me on XBL, my gt is the same: vVwyvernVv

Would love to jump in too for eventual heads/skins. Will shoot you a msg. GT Tinorioakck01