Vermivorous loot: don't forget the "hot fix"

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I got lucky and scored a shock Norfleet once. All I get now are heads and skins for characters I don’t have.

Hope you cashed them in anyway! The game is obviously trying to tell you to play other characters…

Yes sir I did!

Well, I know you can trick the game in to 4 player difficulty, but I don’t know if that actually increases the drop rate too.

To me, Vermi has never been worth spawning. The evolution rates just flat out suck and in a fast paced game all about shooting as many things as possible, sitting around purposefully NOT shooting an enemy until a certain point is stupid.

If you want a norfleet, you’d be better off farming Hyperius. I’ve killed him sooo many times and while I haven’t been keeping track of the precise number (it’s probably close to 1,000) I can say his drop rate for a norfleet is about 1%. And if the increased drop rate bonus still applies (though I guess it didn’t help for Vermi) you may be in luck here.

If you just want legendaries in general, loot midget runs are better.

Hmmm….didn’t Gearbox hotfix a guaranteed Legendary drop for him a while back (as well as an increased chance of spawning) or am I just remembering incorrectly? I guess the heads are considered Legendaries so that doesn’t help. I’ve spawned him probably 20 times over the years and only gotten a Norfleet once or twice. I appreciate GB’s creative attempts at some of the raid bosses but spawning him can get tedious. And I won’t even start on the Master Gee fight. :wink:

BTW, you might consider offering up some of those heads in the Trade forum if you’re into it. Some people would probably jump at the chance to get them and might have something you need.

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If you don’t play online I’m not sure Verms drops will be correct. There used to be a bug with the loot pool which was Hotfixed. Then it worked. You should get a sizeable loot drop and something rare or legendary - head, skin, class mod, Norfleet or other legendary items. So i’m thinking the issue is you not been online…

edit: try asking GBX if it’s a Hotfix via being online is the case

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You don’t need Gold to receive hotfixes. If that is what you mean.

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I hear ya. One of the reasons why I moved most of the gaming library (those that aren’t exclusive offcourse) I had for the 360 to the PS3.

It’s now disconnected, under my bed and only occasionally plugged in to play Halo 2 since my original Xbox died.

As for those ads, if you know the adresses, they can be blocked by blacklisting them on your router.

Glad to help, as I used to do it a lot and got sick of the NO LOOT dropping scenario until the hotfix.

This topic reminded me that I hadn’t tried spawning Vermi in a while, so I tried it for a couple hours yesterday (nothing - total waste of time) and then again this morning. 60-90 minutes in I got two spawns back to back with Nasty Surprise drops from both (one slag, one incendiary). About 20 mins later I got another spawn with a Siren class mod. The Ultimates were also less stingy today and dropped three different Quasars which will be nice when I level up some of my other toons. Unfortunately no heads or skins though which was the primary purpose of farming. I had forgotten just how much of a time commitment it is to spawn him. Jeez!

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Tundra Express - Farmhouse. Prefer it over Caustic Caverns.