Version differences


I’m contemplating on buying BL3 but I’m curious about the contents of the different version so I’m making this to make triple-sure I’m not getting something I regret.

So if I’m reading this correctly, trinkets and weapon skins are purely cosmetic, right?

Assuming that’s correct the stuff that matter most to me would be the actual gear the different versions give:

  • Deluxe has 2 toy guns, a grenade mod, XP boost mod and loot drop boost mod
  • Super-deluxe has the same stuff and adds a Buttstallion grenade mod

Is any of that stuff meaningful or good? In BL2 the exp booster was kinda pointless and the loot booster relic was just worthless because of how it worked. Is that any better in BL3 or are they just taking a slot that I’d want for something else even if farming?

Those toy guns and grenades, are they worth anything? Do they level up with you like Contraband skyrocket in BL2 did or are they just worthless lvl 1 things like BL2 Gearbox guns or TPS Bullpup and the masher revolver were?

I’d love to have absolutely everything, but I’m not in a situation where I’m willing to cough up that much cash just for cosmetics and potentially completely useless items so I want to really make sure that it’s worth anything other than the satisfaction of owning it before making the purchase.

Peace and hopefully join you guys soon on this side of the forums.

Trinkets are pointless and all the bonus weps and grenade are useless after level 10. I bought the game £49 and Then the season pass £39 which included every extra. So you might end up with all the crap if you get the dlcs.

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Most of the best gear is in the DLC’s. I’d go for those over trinkets and skins. I don’t use trinkets and skins anyway the game runs smoother without them being selected.

Base game and DLC’s cheap as you can get them would be my vote.

Ok I don’t mean to sound like a jerk but I would recommend not buying bl3 there are two games I wanted more than any thing they were so above every other game for me they make the cyberpunk hype seem like people couldn’t care less bl3 and zombie army 4 dead war I loved thier predasesores to bits with thousands of hours as in 3 thousand min in each and both have been such disappointments it’s kinda crushing worse thing is I still buy the dlc that’s messed up but I recommend people stay away from both these games zombie army 4 example $7 single weapon with unique skins and a trinket or two -.-

*edit having said that you do you it’s your life not mine lol

I decided to get the base version. I looked up one of the “toy guns” and it seemed like just a joke. I’ll just assume the other items are too.

Ah, I didn’t realize the season pass included the Buttstallion items. I’ll get those eventually that way then.

Yah, I’m plannin on getting the DLCs but I’ll take my sweet time with the base game first. Just want to point out however that I wasn’t expecting those things to be BiS gear or anything, just if they were worth anything at all (like contraband skyrocket in BL2 demolishes early game if you know how to throw it without committing accidental seppuku).

Too late :smiley:
I’ve understood a lot of people don’t think too highly of BL3 but I’m trying to go in without too much expectations. Getting yourself hyped up tends to be fastlane to disappointment.

Oh it wasn’t hype lol I avoided every bit of info on it I expected just more bl2 but they constantly nerf buff than patch out buffs with new content more 3 or so buffs than m2.0 comes out invalidating an entire amount of work we then had to wait 1 month for them to buff her to her current state remember these are professional programmers being payed money to pull a three stooges episode

And if you keep the weps, shield and grenades in the mailbox until Max level… They still suck! :rofl:

There are 3 DLC out of 4. My crystal ball says GOTY edition few months after DLC4.

If budget is a critical point and you’re not in a hurry, I’d advise to wait.
If you’re in a hurry, I’d advise to take season pass rather than toy guns or cosmetics.

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I would say never ever take the season pass for any game remember they want your money make them work for it do not give them money for hope because that is all you can do as a customer with no inside knowledge you have no idea about dlc 4 do not give any company money they have not earned sorry Marguez had to disagree on that one point

I’m not for season pass buying at launch.

3 DLC are already released, and budget-wise, it’s cheaper to buy the season pass on sale than 2 DLC.
Even without knowing what’s in DLC4, that is the best option.

I wouldn’t have advised that back in 2019, not knowing what’s in DLC 1-3, nor how long exactly it would take to access the content.

It may be even cheaper to wait a GOTY edition.

yeah I just can’t agree with giving up hard earned money for the unknown remember Activision ea and so ons season passes were great then became horrible it’s that principle but I ain’t no ones mom lol you do you op lol

Yeah, I originally planned half a year ago to just wait for GOTY but as it happens I’m in a spot where I’d like something new to play and have enough time so I decided to pick the game up now. I’d imagine I’ll pick the season pass up from the sale too but I’ll at least play the base game for a bit before making the final decision on that purchase.

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very smart idea man again do not rush it my hopes for this game where not high I just wanted bl3 to be more bl2 but new story and so on and despite buying the dlcs I can not in good conscience recommend buying this game but like I always say you do you lol

The loot and guns etc scale to the lvl u loot them at. I have a lvl 57 buttstalltion grenade girthblaster andnl the shield. Etc

They lose strength and viability around level 10. You can wait for Max level but all that gear Suuuucks! Lol