Version downgrade to 1.8.3

Hello dear Borderlands 2 community,
I´d like to ask if anyone is in posession of the 1.8.3 version from Borderlands 2 or knows a way to downgrade to said version. I looked everywhere and I can´t find one.

Thx in advance, Avemado

Why would you want to downgrade anyway?

I’m pretty sure it’s for returning to a less freezing version of the game :wink:

It would make sense to me, because I stopped to play BL2 since last update, as freezing issues occured approx every 10 minutes… (I’m on PS3 btw)

And I’m a very fan of BL, with more than 3500h of gameplay on BL2… You can’t imagine how much I’m sad… :sweat:

The freezing was fixed in the last patch or the one before (i’m not sure if it was in a seperate patch for PS4), atleast for TPS.

It was a separate patch.

Honestly, the PS3 port is terrible, even without the freezing. :confused:
Both those old consoles just freeze too much.
You can’t upgrade to a PS4 or Xbox One?
You can still keep all your characters, saves, weapons, heads and skins if you use the same console family so to speak.

No I can’t upgrade, and honestly, I don’t really appreciate the way BL2 was upgraded on PS3 until the PS3 couldn’t handle it anymore, and then the only way Gbx let us to fix that, is to upgrade to PS4… and buy BL2 again… :unamused:
I have a lot of BL goodies, BL2 Limited LootChest Edition, Presequel Preordered Edition, BL1 GOTY Edition…etc…
But it’s a little too much for me now…