Versus change... my last 6 games

OK, so all week has been bad competitive and spotlight out of the question my queues on PS4 have been 10 min+. Always got my ally team but at the 10 min mark myself or other left so queue would start over. (except when i was in a group and had people dodging us… so real long queues). My last 6 games have been horrible. I played all 3 game modes. 5 of the 6 games i had an ally leave the game so of course instant loss/surrender. The last game was the only decent one but as i understand casual has no ELO i got a bunch of new players who kept the feed and got steamrolled. Tried helping on in-game coms with no luck.

Please find a better alternative.

Thanks loyal fan Jraiden1121

Your feedback is needed & welcomed, but please check if theres an existing topic arround a matter before creating a new one.
That way we can keep feedback together and keep things organized.

I´ll merge your topic into the main-feedback-topic regarding the new MM-changes, I hope thats okay.

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yes thank you

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That thread is huge now though. Wouldn’t having separate threads for people to provide feedback on their experience in the original post keep things more organised than throwing them in with hundreds of other posts containing feedback, discussion, and peoples’ opinion on the topic?