Versus mode idea: MVP

Basically it’s a team death match type mode where the goal is for teams to protect their MVP player while trying to kill the enemy team’s MVP. And to make things more interesting, the MVP players will be buffed up to essentially be a mini boss. The MVP’s buffs will be:

Increased shields (Excluding Eldrids)
Increased health (Eldrids get a bonus)
Decreased CD on abilities
Be slightly bigger than everybody else
Immediately starts at level 10

The goal is to make it so the MVP can handle themselves to a certain extent against a full team trying to kill them. In return the MVP cannot be healed by teammates, teleport back to base, or heal their teammates. He/She can only heal himself/herself with skills/helix/gear or by standing next to a supply station, and the MVP is always visible on the mini map so they can’t hide, it’ll also make stealth characters easier to track.

Since this would be kind of like team death match, points are earned from kills. First team to 500 points will win.

Normal kills earn 2 points
Normal assists earn 1 point
Kills by MVP earn 5 points
Assists by MVP earn 3 points
Killing the MVP earns 10 points
Killing the MVP as an MVP earns 20 points

At the beginning of a match, the MVP for both teams will be chosen at random. The incentive for non-MVP players is to hunt and kill enemy players and Varelsi scattered around the map (unlike capture, these Varelsi won’t give you an instant level) to level up enough to take on the MVP. The MVP’s incentive will be to hunt players down to earn points for the team.

I think this could work if they made a special MVP character, like Saxton Hale from tf2, with maybe a customizable loadout that they could balance seperately from the other battleborn.

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I actually had an idea that the MVP character could be like a really mobile spider bot (like the Huntsman), was about to edit that in my post.