Versus Private Feedback & Question


It would be nice if there was a difficulty slider for the bots in versus private, so that we can get more practice or try things out before going to PvP.

Also, it would be nice if we could earn exp in versus private as mentioned in a few other threads. It could be (greatly) reduced EXP as is done in other MOBAs and some FPS, as long as it’s the default 5v5 match set-up. Others said this might reduce the population, but I highly doubt it would (just look at League for example), especially if the EXP is reduced. Furthermore, if someone doesn’t have PS Plus, this could be a way to maintain sales.

I also am wondering if you need to be connected to PS Plus once the actual game comes out in order to play local versus private matches and story private matches. Anyone can answer this question?

I am very interested in Battleborn, just not sure yet if I want to commit to a PS Plus purchase at this time. :slight_smile:

Who else plays Versus Private? :slight_smile: