Versus public; Let's talk Capture

Hello and welcome guys and gals, no not you galilea you’re not welcome here

ahem Anyways… so Yea I wanted to start a discussion based on the multiplayer mode capture maps, before i got into some deep analysis. I must admit I have play probably less than 20 games and it is quite hard to bare to get more information first hand so I’m asking you guys before i start critiquing it. I really like it as a break from incursion, and also not being totally around minions like meltdown soooo I don’t want this game mode to get unpopular and die off.

So with all that said are their any brave commentators to add to this discussion, such as adding ideas on the maps themselves, the game style, characters that may be too strong or weak in this mode, crystal income, farming levels, underhanded tactics Etc etc… Cmon people get at it

I’d like the Varelsi to change. Make it so they give you a ton of Exp instead of a helix point. I feel that will hurt the mode in the long run. Otherwise, the mode’s really fun, especially if your into TDM.

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Outback is by far the better of the two, The map is perfectly symmetrical and I prefer not having the shards for a easy buff, by getting gear easy. With that said this map makes the veralsi farming quicker and easier to do and in case you fall behind in levels expect getting at least one person farming them. But do keep in mind multiple spawn at a time here and do plenty of damage this could cause for you to lose most of your health. Typically this map is easier to make fair compared to the other do to all points are equal distance from both bases. I don’t think there is a character to strong for this but I feel like a good team will decimate this map everytime.


Interesting see this is the stuff im talking about, this is the stuff i need. Cause for me I was going to dislike outback due to the ability to so effectively and brutally stiff arm the enemy team into their base basically giving them no room way to pass you. Once you get fed you simply push up to their only two exit points and watch them drop down, if you upgraded the speed points you are already faster than them, if you upgraded them further they are even slower- you also block them from getting any exp whatsoever without it being from a direct confrontation with your team. Usually how i’ve seen it done there is no recovery once it gets to this point, and this happens very early in game basically after your first or so engage with the enemy team there is a huge power tilt.

Yes the helix point is probably abit too strong especially late game if im correct. EXP would mean it can be shared with teammates as well instead of simply whoever runs and globs it up first. Speaking of Verelsi it would be awesome to see some type of neutral camp with sort of a boss like fill to it that teammates can fight and give for either exp bonus or maybe some type of map buff like neutralizing enemy posts or sending a small horde of varelsi to defend or assault objectives.

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I like the idea of a roving Varelsi horde. Kinda like a super thrall camp.

Don’t get me wrong this stuff does happen when one team wants to punish the other but this is still the better of the maps.

Temples is a great map and is more difficult in my opinion to Trap but the Multi level fighting is a bit of a nuisance and I like both maps don’t get me wrong but to me in Temples when one team gets a edge it feels harder to comeback compared to Outback. This is also why I do not enjoy Incursion.

The Veralsi can be fought 1 on 1 in a few spots and one spot where multiple spawn the shards push further decimation if you can gather them before the other team. I feel the biggest nuisance is the Turrets. Each base has 2 turrets in this map compared to 1 turret on either end of Outback. when you are decimating a Enemy they can immediately build the turret for the extra dps and if they have enough points on hand which i find is not uncommon for this kind of enemy fighting style they build the upgraded ones quick so they out dps you and you end up dying even though you were winning this fight to begin with (looking at you oscar mike players who use this strategy, Dont its just annoying). I feel like Outback is just the more fair of the two.


The Healing is personalty better in temples though the fact that C has a healing station on a edge of the cliff brings in High Risk High reward and harder to trap compared to outback. Outback healing is just camped half the time I have noticed but not so much with Temples.

Yes I also feel melee characters might benefit alil too strongly from capture maps with there being no real thing to keep them at bay such as objectives. I will admit i am a a oscar mike that does this but i have to admit im running for my life from people like rath and shanye& aurox :open_mouth: Maybe when this map gets more popular we will see more diversity but for now excluding the healer tank combo like healer montanna, healer ISIC, melee’s just wreck inlcluding the healer tank combo ones.

first of all miko with any characters is ridiculous can he can usually heal faster than most characters can dish out in damage which makes miko the primary target but leaves you open to the damage dealer its annoying but efficient.

But The most annoying thing in my opinion is when a team all moves together in a clump. if used against you, your guaranteed death at that point and is almost not worth playing. Its a good strategy, but i refuse to do it because its cheap. Since most of the high damaging characters are fast for some reason its easy to move in a point to point formation and is annoying as the ones getting hit with it. It works yes but to me its like the Pre-Nerf in beta was gali cheap and I feel it ruins the game. its legitimate I just like the skirmishes instead of platooning


Capture is a much faster paced game than the other two. Balancing capturing and defending the capture points with making sure you have the augmentations and gear to do so makes things a little different from pushing on incursion or meltdown. From my experience the varelsi are the key to victory and the time it takes to get the shards for gear is too great to be worthwhile unless you already have 2 of the 3 objectives (much more so on Outback) So I would recommend a - healpower + shards per second item as your first item to help you get shards for your other items and structures.

Running round in a large group of 5 is intimidating but I have won several games where we would split up to ensure we could always have the other 2 objectives the other team weren’t currently pounding into dust. The most extreme example was losing on kills around 10 to 50 but still winning - easier on Temple because it takes longer to navigate to each objective.

On Outback, I may be mistaken but I believe the path to the left from each base is ever so slightly longer to their corresponding objectives, so if you want to contest this objective then you need a fast character (might be completely imagining it though just how I play)

Varelsi spawn 2 minutes into the game, but you don’t really need to know this because they are clearly marked on your minimap when they spawn. Ok Not exactly underhand but if you cap 2 objectives, you will be level 2. Defending the second objective from the capture point itself will give you 3 exp per second and is a nice boost early game while not putting you out of position. Being very close to lvl 3 before the first wave of varelsi spawn is the key. Varelsi give a small amount of exp for the kill and a Helix point so head over for varelsi almost lvl 3 and you can jump to lvl 5 for killing both varelsi at one camp while everyone else is lvl 2 - except the player that hit the other camp.

Pressing the advantage while you have your Ult before anyone is nice but controlling the map with teamwork is how you win.

Melee characters may have an advantage on paper, but building turrets around the capture points is an okish way to counter them because they can’t take them out while capping an objective - but this can be hard due to the lack of shards.