I mean… Really? This is literally in ALL of the other games but is missing from BL3? This does not make any sense.

Also, was this game even playtested with local co-op? The extreme lag and impossible to read text is crazy for a next gen game.

I am a huge Borderlands fan and have been since the beginning. However, the lack of insight into fans needs is hard to understand.

Yes, the VIP club is cool. However, the most recent article you guys wrote about being transparent… Was really not transparent at all. It really just stated troubleshooting that already existed, and anyone with the internet could figure out quickly.

Saying “we are looking into it” is not transparency in the slightest. That’s like being on hold and the automated operator says " your call is very important to us…" yet it’s still forever that someone gets around to picking up.

I’ve worked for Amazon in a leadership capacity and have personally told customers “we have submitted a ticket and the devs will look into it”, submitted the ticket, and never heard anything.
Tickets that were worthwhile: a Dev responded asking for clarification and provided their own view as to what was happening, talks about certain things that can be corrected to help resolve the current issue.

THAT is transparency. THAT is how you know the “we are looking into this” isn’t just a throwaway statement that means nothing .

So… I call ‘■■■■■■■■’. Don’t just give us lip serving and give us insight into non-trade secret processes.


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