Veruc doable on axton

Is a NE veruc viable in the op level?

I think it would be. The elemental (Fire, Shock and Corrosive) versions will probably do more damage than a NE one, but if you’re going to be using a Bee Shield, you’ll do fine in the damage department.

I used to try and run a NE on OP 8 with friends. I don’t think it is that great If you really want to try it I would use a elemental.

That’s kind of a bummer for me because I prefer a non ele ar but I’ll take note of it

I use a Veruc with my Axton. I have it in several elements, as well as non elemental (missing fire, though). I get by just fine at OP8. I do use The Bee, though.

Bee make it quite more useful? Or would I be better off running a lower op level with op8 veruc?

The Bee will make nearly everything better, of course. That being said, though, the Veruc still does just fine-even on OP8 (the elemental versions are more effective than the N.E. one).

I use quite a few assault rifles on my OP8 Axton, and so far, the only ones that seem slightly weak are the Scorpio and the Seeker. All the rest are able to do really well (I don’t use the Bee at all in my build).

I’ve found that the purple Rifleman Coms are fantastic at buffing not just the damage of assault rifles, but also the magazine size, too. It’s my go-to com for all things assault rifles. You can also check out the Axton and Assault Rifles: An In-Depth Analysis thread if you want to get an idea of what com might give you the best benefit.