Veruc vs Lyuda ratio

Right, but someone is interested in the same thing and wants to include your data with theirs? They can’t do that if they don’t know how many total runs etc.


I’ll do some runs sometime this weekend, but i do know the drop rates of the 2 aren’t connected in anyway and i believe non elemental has a high chance to spawn than any element. After that i’d guess the elements have equal chances to spawn


Does anyone know if this is common to all weapons equally? This is obviously confirmation bias, but it seems that slag versions of various guns are slightly more common ( and corrosive seems least common ).

By the way, I’m down for submitting my results. I still need that Lyuda.


I can’t confirm anything as I’ve never seen proof of it. But I’m fairly sure I’ve seen it stated that non elemental is more common than elemental. In my experience shock seems to be the most common element


Well. If someone wants scientifically valid data from me no problem.
-edit- I had a fake rate here for fun… Look like the forum removed it! :smiley:
I know gamers tend to jump to conclusion and it’s something we saw too often with Borderlands. I’m aware of that too.
If. And it’s a big if. A serious group of players really want to find out the real drop ratio of both Mobley and Gettle. Find out if your character/loadout have any influence than yes. I might join in…
Seriously. I don’t think there is a different drop rate.

We’re just having fun right?


@VaultHunter101 , just so you know, this was spurred on by my highly dubious claim :

So, ya, just for funsies. This farm is just way too annoying ( for me ) to get a proper picture. That said, I’ll definitely record the data properly.

I know I’ve seen elemental drop data somewhere. I’ll see what I can find. I know n/e is given greater weight though.

Edit : still looking, but so far found this from VH’s guide :


That’s the thing. We know not to believe some people “impression”. We know it’s all RNG and RNG can and will have strange result. But beside that. What do we know for sure?
I’m under the impression the Veruc have higher non-elemental ratio than the Lyuda. Could it be possible?
It certainly is with some mission reward.


I guarantee that non-elemental is going to vastly outweigh any element on any gun. The only exception will be the Moxxi and/or Maliwan guns ( which obviously can only be elemental ).


I just looked at @VaultHunter101 Guide to RNG and Loot . Awesome work there. I wish I had more time on my hands but I don’t. Beside, unlike some of you. I still have a lot to do in the game.
There’s one thing I’m curious to know. Could Mobly be a badass and Gettle a Super Badass? Or vice versa.
I’ve skimmed thru Paul Hellquist’s Inside the box article some time ago and I don’t remember, or think, he gave specific data for those. (Badass and Super badass)

So I may (no promises) use the “reserved” post for a more serious search. Including the number of runs. I won’t do that part with the “while farming for this or that” because I think we agree that is silly. We’ll reserve that for the “kicks and giggles” OP. Unless I (we) come up with really strange results… Who knows!


I’m not sure, but I think they’re both Badass - if you look at what they drop outside their designated item, it’s not a whole lot. Whereas if they were Super Badass you should see at least a blue and possibly a purple from each one. (Compare with, for example, Henry the Stalker.) That’s not the whole story, because individual loot pools can be tuned in addition to the default enemy tier pool. For both M & G, they’re pretty stingy with gear generally.


Look like Gettle wanted to prove you wrong!

O.K. It was one drop in many many runs. You’re absolutely right. Should had figure it out by myself. Beside. A slag Hyperion SR barely count as a blue drop!


A few runs before I got down to business this morning. 11 runs, 4th run double drop (I’ll be sacrificing something to RNGSUS later). Shock Veruc, corrosive Lyuda, both under levelled.


Thanks Steve. :wink:
Afternoon off. First preliminary results are almost in… Almost 100 “serious” runs done. Still debating with myself if I include other forumers in the serious data. Probably not. So far it look like both Gettle and Mobley have similar drop rates no matter what.
I know I know…


If you prefer Paul that’s fine by me. :slight_smile: I’m happy to keep records as long as I’m in the fields already. I think it’s ok to include them as long as they tell you how many runs they had in total. But I’m sure someone who isn’t as math phobic as I am knows for sure.


Results are in… Sorta. :roll_eyes:
I made Excel sheets with data per 10 runs but showing it here proved more difficult than UVHM. Always had a lot of respect for those who posted fancy tables and graph on well edited post. Even more now.
I’ll have to educate myself a little more on that.
Here’s the link .

Time to go to bed.


There is basic table formatting in the editor now - just copy the block of cells in Excel and paste them into the editor. It’s best if you set the table up with a single header row first, but it does work.


I can help.

I haven’t even begun to collect. I guess I can provide numbers as well. I can start going after Lyuda’s. :innocent:


What happens to the results when you co-op test? :thinking:

@Jefe, you down to do 20 runs co-op, then 20 solo and see what we get? we can attempt this on a number of days to accumulate a good pool size of data?

edit: 20 runs solo per evening is totally achievable. On evenings where we can’t connect, we can do the solo’s, and vice versa. :wink:
just a weeks worth and you’re at 100. if done in consecutive days.


Definitely! I should be on tonight at my regular time. I’d really like an OP4 Lyuda, so I’ll be running that guy solo, but might as well do the co-ops at OP8.


Please. :blush:

I’m going to pull this into a PM and invite peeps. :wink: keeping the data centralized and we can pull from the PM and create a actual thread with the results. Pretty sure you, VH and Pie did something similar. :sweat_smile: