Very Abusive Player

First off let me just say the game looks and plays better than ever. With that said, one of my favorite things about Battleborn is it has one of the nicest communities I’ve seen. Today is probably the first time I’ve ever seen an abusive player, but he is one of the biggest offenders I’ve seen in an. Profane language, putting down players (both friends and enemies) and constant (I mean constant) yelling. All this because we didn’t do everything he said (because it wasn’t a good idea). This is very counter to one of the biggest reasons I love this game, the community. I reported the player, but just in case be on the look out.

If its still a problem, mute him. Really easy

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I did and it didn’t really bother me, because of handy-dandy mute button. But it was more for the two inexperienced players on the team.

Oh, that sucks. Hopefully that button becomes more universally known to prevent this.

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The report button won’t do anything except give you a false sense of satisfaction. If you are on Xbox1, just block that player. Blocking acts like a blacklisting feature. You will never play with/against that player again. Maybe it’s the same on the other platform for this game? I don’t know.


I know, and it is a problem. Like I said, this is the first moment of abuse in months. Which is good, but still.

The more populated a multiplayer game becomes, the greater the chances to have distasteful experience with other players (Specially with veterans). Mute/block/ignore, do whatever you have to do so it doesn’t disrupt your fun and overall mood.

Yep, I guess it is inevitable. Like I said, it isn’t that I was personally affected, but just for new players. To be honest, it took me months to even know there was a mute button. lol

I don’t think you are looking for advice and mainly just venting so.

I Feel You! That’s pretty annoying. I’ve had only a couple instances like that. Definite buzz-kill haha

Mostly venting. lol


Definitely not true on all other platforms (I play on PS4.)

I played as Melka against a Montana a week or two ago … killed him four times and went unkilled the whole match. After the match, he sent me a message, something about me being worthless and a bad player … so I blocked him. He must’ve been having a bad day or something … I didn’t even taunt him once.

So a few days ago I queue up during a slow time (mid-morning eastern time) and he shows up in my group, then keeps leaving and rejoining (dunno if he remembered me or not, as I didn’t respond, just blocked him.) It prevents him from sending me abusive messages, but it won’t stop him from queueing up with you, at least if the population is low at the time.

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This actually happened to me as well. I killed this one Alani twice and I got so much hate mail from the guy playing her. It was great.

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There’s no real “blacklist” feature on PS4 or PC. You can block people on steam but that only blocks them from communicating with you, not from getting matched with you. I believe it is the same on PS4.

Unfortunately, people will be people, and some people are vitriolic. Not much we can do but block, shrug and move on.

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Yea, unfortunately it’s gonna happen. A lot of returning players are coming back which is good but some are still negative about the game especially the ELO (since it’s off) & don’t wanna get matched up with new people. I’m happy they are giving the game a second chance though. Just the other day some players flipped out on my team since our new guy was a miko and not healing. Nothing you can do about it besides the reporting but just take it a game at a time and invite people you enjoyed playing with on the way.

Awww mannn is that why we never get matched up anymore? Thats too bad…

I suppose it means that new players are coming into the game. It is a side effect of increasing population. Hopefully it doesn’t put off other new players and they know how to use the mute and other commands that may not be so easy to find on first glance.

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It has to be. I’'m glad! (Even though I have no idea who you are and don’t care)

There were like 3 games in one night where you were opponent and I made you leave each time less than a couple minutes in by killing you first. Without fail. Was pretty funny. You got really defensive and said since you were a game dev you were allowed to abuse the system. Then you blocked me :frowning:


Whaaaat? Lol you must be confusing me with someone else or making everything up. I have never stated to be a dev on any game I have played… Most importantly I never block players for such reason. Nice try stranger!

Darn! Must be the RayLightning on XB1 and you on a different platform. Oh and a game dev in general, not a dev for this game. Not sure why he thought that made him special lol. My gamertag is Ricker Bobber.

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