Very Alien-ware topic to me

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Howdy folks!

Now with all this buzz around next-gen console gaming I’ve decided to make the switch!
The switch to PC that is!

Now I haven’t been a PC gamer since Windows XP was a thing and I don’t really have any interest learning how to build my own rig (not at this stage anyway) so I have been looking into Pre-built gaming PC’s and the only big name I keep hearing of for this is Alienware by Dell

Are there any better options out there for the same price they ask ($4-5000) ?
Any advice is appreciated :smiley:

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Get anything other than an Alienware. You pay a premium for an LED keyboard and a logo

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Alienware is overpriced bull.
You can gett the same parts for half the price or even less without the AW-brand.

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You should learn to build a pc, it will save you money and you wont have to buy a completly new one if you want to upgrade.

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on CyberpowerPC’s website, they have a computer with the following specs, for less than $2000 base

2x GTX 970s in SLI

It doesn’t come with an HDD by default, but you can add it in a configurator

(Jakobs Public Relation) #6 and has a better reputation. Digital Storm is more expensive but I have had people say good things about their build quality and wire management.

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@itsTwister Yeah I have been told that but I really don’t have the time or patience to jump headfirst into that Olympic pool yet, I’ll be content with slowly upgrading and figuring out a pre-build

@ThatOneGuy23 I really only have half an idea what all that means

@Abvex I’ll check them out thanks!


Dont think of it as an olympic swimming pool. It is actually very easy. Things only tend to fit 1 way and everything is very self explanatory.

Often you can also get the webshop to assemble things for you for a fairly low price.

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I don’t even know any of the basics, but I’m thinking it might be worth giving building one a shot after all, will atleast give me a hobby

For starters how would I know what size case I need? Or is it just bigger is better?

(˙pǝsɹǝʌǝɹ uǝǝq sɐɥ ʎʇıʌɐɹƃ ʃɐuosɹǝd ʎW) #10

case size is tied directly to your motherboard size. order of picking:
MB (most important)
CPU (depends on MB)
GPU(also depends on MB
HDD(small SDD for system, big HDD for storage)

you tell me what you want, and i can build it for you much cheaper than you’ll pay from a company.
what’s your price range?


He said his pricerange is 4-5000$ in the op.

(The Bonerfart) #12

I would be happier with around $2.500 - $3000, the OP was just a comparison to the Alienware prices, and its still theoretical at this stage, have to get the money together (farggin Christmas)

So its pretty much all based around mother oard size? What size would you recommend for paying around $3000 all up?

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a full eatx of course. you want all the goodies in there you can get.

would this work?

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Not entirely sure what all of those bits are lol after work ill do some research so I understand it all a bit more

(Ryoushinteki) #15

If you are gonna go with anything prebuilt then you should go with ASUS laptops. They make the best gaming laptops out for a reasonable price considering being a laptop and handling games. They if I am not mistaken can be upgraded as well.

You don’t ever want to go with a prebuilt desktop computer. They are way overpriced and quickly outdated. Plus it’s easy for them to subject you to only being able to upgrade at their will.

Don’t buy a prebuilt desktop.

Plus you don’t need a budget of 5 grand. That’s extreme overkill.

(The Bonerfart) #16

ASUS laptop is what I have now, though it is nowhere near top of the line and is about 4 years old (Minecraft is about its limit)

5 grand in Australia for a pre-built tower is pretty normal in retail (if you want a half decent one)

Ive pretty much decided to go with a custom tower though…

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Ween you know what parts you want and know they work together its basicaly just a puzzle.
Whats most complicated imo is setting up the bios and harddrives and all that stuff if you know nothing about that and setting up the cooling just right ween knowing nothing about that.

(Enemy of Thunder) #18

Since I’m dumb and am confused as to what your budget is, I’ll just leave this here. This is the baseline for what I’d recommend. If you’ll be doing a lot of editing, swap to an i7-4790K.

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Like everyone else said, do not go for Alienware, or else you’ll be paying a lot for no good reason at all. Really, if you don’t know how to build a machine, get a good PC Part Picker list set up, then get someone to build it when you buy the parts. Easy and cheap.

(Enemy of Thunder) #20

I also must ask, are you going to be using it for gaming and work only, or will you be doing editing on it? Like I said earlier (sort of), you will want a better processor if you want to be doing video editing and that kind of stuff.