Very bad timing, nobody can play right now

The Steam trolls are going to have a field day with this.
If you try to play Normal or Adv Story right now it gathers the players, tries, then bails back to the menu.
Steam forum thread growing right now…

Because there’s an update, unless I’m much mistaken.

Yeah, it’s like there are no servers at all.

This is what I’m getting in xb1 when I try to play meltdown.


Read the previous posts?

…Hope you are right. I’m still a fan btw, fingers crossed.

Xbox servers down, cannot connect. Oh well.


I get that there is an update, but this is my day off, AND it’s double xp weekend, AND, Overwatch dropped today. I was going to hold off picking it up until double xp was over but going to gamestop now. Thanks GBX…

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…The trolls are already posting some very harmful threads about that in the Battleborn Steam forum.

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Patience, you must learn young padawan.
And your trip to gamestop may be less than fruitful considering OW comes out tomorrow


It would be nice if they actually did the update at a reasonable time and not in the middle of the damn day as well.

that’s why I can’t create a private bot match to try out toby, would have been nice to know if there was a ingame message that relays that info to us^^


It actually released at Best Buy today. I work there so I should know. I said Gamestop because that is my default lol

…But they can’t make the entire world happy at once :slight_smile:


That would be nice too!

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People complaining the update won’t come soon enough, people complaining that the update makes the game unplayable now. People gonna complain about everything. Personally I think GBX might be listening a little too much to the public


Apologies, but this is a global game.

These posts are often seen but the best that can be done is equating when the most players are on in general, which I can assure you, varies HUGELY.

I understand that but man, at least send us a notification that there’s going to be an update at a certain time so that when I jump on so I can play a little before work I’m not shot down by an update I had no idea about. Also…it’s double xp…they should have waiting until it was over.