Very bad timing, nobody can play right now

…Show me anywhere right now where people are not complaining.
What did you last say about that most recent weather report again? :smile:

I could see that POV. I think they’re trying too hard to accomodate everyone. They should hae a seperate server where they roll out test patches and the like prior to dropping them. This “update” should not have been done during prime playing hours though. That just seems ignorant.

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I’m hyped for alani, she should probably be part of the update aswell :slight_smile:
can’t wait to play her tomorrow


…Hand in the air!

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Bit of a silly time to start rolling out the update when you have a double exp event on…


Well I kept trying and now I’m in a game. Hoorah!


Also, those who may have an issue with timing please realize that there are instances where companies like Gearbox (and frankly many of them) also work with out of house companies (whether it be dependent on platform or a number of other reasons) whose schedule they are also beholden to for reasons like availability and/or hours of operation.

This is not being done exclusively by Tim on the third floor who wanted to work it around his lunch break. Nor are Gearbox not aware of these factors as this must be the what, 200th update in their history as a company?

They’re doing their best to work as fast as possible and make as many people happy in the process.


They defintely should have waited until double xp was over. Or did it after midnight when pthers will be hopping on Overwatch. Less stress on the servers.

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“Oh my god, how dare they make an update who fix stuff, add new character and skins, and balance others. How dare they! Shake fist


This made me happy. Thank you!

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I can appreicate that. The timing stinks, is all. Can you confirm that the new skins are being added in this patch? I live for more skins!!

Those are the update notes for the patch.

An in depth guide on what to expect.

I’m reviewing it as we speak.

Also, yes the Patch Notes do mention New skins.

AND Taunts.


I dont see that as an excuse. They know when they wanted to release the patch so why not do the double exp event after so it isnt interrupted?

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Let 'em.


The good news…the patch is here, and they have told us whats in it, my life is now complete

can’t download it yet tough on ps4

yeah but the vague ‘very soon’ eta is now a ‘very very soon’

I can’t wait to read more Galilea OP/Nerf now threads after the update has been in effect this week and people still die because of galilea even with reduced cc potential. I should make myself some popcorn


Does that mean I should go back to the Legion beta when I go home? :stuck_out_tongue: