Very Confused About Shift Codes

Howdy All-

I REALLY want figure it out BUT I’m, like, Shift Codes for Dummies. So I play Borderlands 2 on Aspyr, and Aspyr states I can use Shift codes, so I signed up per the shift code web domain which brought me here - I NEED A MAP TO FIGURE ALL THIS OUT!!! So, now what?

I read that shift codes were only good on steam but, as noted, Aspyr posts states they are being used. BAH! I missed a pumpkin shotgun. I WANT TO KILL STUFF WITH A PUMPKIN! Killer pumpkin seeds, are YOU freakin’ kidding me?!?

Anyways, insights would be appreciated.

There should be an Extras menu somewhere in Borderlands 2 for MAC. Once you get there, there should be a section to input Shift Codes. There is a thread for Borderlands 2 that provides Shift Codes: SHIFT codes: Post BL 2 Shift codes here (updated 03/18/2018)

I play Borderlands 2 on Xbox 360. After creating my Shift account, I had to manually link my Xbox Live GT to my Shift account. I am not sure if or what you would have to do on the MAC. Normally, PC players would link their Steam ID to their Shift Account.

The following are taken from the Aspyr FAQs:

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Shift codes are usually given out on the official Boderlands 2/Pre-Sequel/whatever twitter accounts and facebook accounts. Sometimes I think they even get mailed to you. And there are forums that will repost them so everyone can find them.

This page goes in-depth on the steps necessary.

Hello all- thanks for the insights. I will click on links that everybody posted but under extras, the only things that come up is credits and loyalty, and when I click the latter is states there is no sign of of Borderlands on my save file. I have never played Borderlands, only Borderlands 2

Here are the specifics:

1- Bought BL2 on Mac some time ago

2- Started playing it a lot after a long period of flirting, love it! Currently Lvl22

3- Because of #2, wanted to plug into SHIFT, signed up for SHIFT and STEAM. Linked SHIFT to STEAM.

4- Within STEAM, added BL2

5- Clicked Play through STEAM, still nothing coming up shift code wise in the extras section

This is really weird, to be honest. Shift is supposed to be the very first option when you go into the extras. I have the game on PC, 360, and PS3 and I’ve been able to use Shift on all of them. I don’t have a Mac though so I am not much help.

The only thing I can think of is if you got your copy from the mac app store since you say you signed up for Steam after the fact of playing for a while. Mac App store copies don’t allow shift codes.

I just noticed your name! LOL I great combo from Han’s son gone wrong and Mando humor! As a massive Star Wars nerd and long time Star Wars gamer (Galaxies, anyone?) - love it!

Yeah, I dont get it because the service I used to buy the game states shift codes can be used. Sigh.

Haha, vor’e. My actual first name is Jacen, so it seemed like a good enough choice. Especially given my work to expand upon the fictional language of Mando’a (started by Karen Traviss of Republic Commando fame) the Mando part was simple.

On topic, you will probably want to send a message to support. Here’s a link to sending a message pertaining to Shift.

I would think the language of Mando would be relatively straight forward. Agree = head butts and the like. Disagree = punch in the face followed by the use of a flame thrower. :wink: One of my fav NJO storylines was Jaina’s mando training. :wink:

I will write them and see where that takes me. Thanks for the feedback and best of luck with the Mando language