VERY difficult to capture Technicals, especially in TVHM

Technicals are difficult to capture, period, but they are almost impossible to capture in TVHM.

Could we see some type of solution to this?

Vehicles often take a lot of damage from the occupants when they are ejected (if all of them are ejected), and with a Technical having four possible occupants it’s almost impossible to get into it and drive off making it very hard to try and farm skins and parts. Especially if the enemies have lightning or ice weapons.

The current situation seems poorly balanced, especially when you have larger more open maps and the vehicles speed past you in giant loops making them near impossible to capture anyways.

I currently have all known parts on my main (except for the mystery Monster Wheels for the Technical). I’m only missing 5 skins for the bike, but have ten+ left for the Outrunner and the Technical. Trying to spot something “new” is tough, capturing them is proving nigh impossible. With rarer items it’s going to prove very, very frustrating.


Capture the vehicle and immediately exit, enemy fire focus will switch to you once you clear em out drive off.

I find it also rather funny how armored vehicles, a real asset and protection on normal become DONT-SHOOT-MEEEEE-PLZ scrubs in TVHM almost dying instantly when under fire. I have managed to continue capturing vehicles in TVHM but it certainly has become harder, requiring the above mentioned strategy as well as pure old luck. Playing in coop helps tons.


Any hints in capturing would be welcome. I can easily shoot everyone off the back but how can you take out the driver w/o blowing up the vehicle?

Yeah, I went back to normal mode to capture a lot, but I’ve been having no luck with a heavy armor technical spawning. I know one spawns during a quest, but it keeps either getting killed by our NPC ally or by the bandits themselves. I’ll have to try jumping in and instantly jumping out before I capture on this playthrough.

I still do what any polite person will. I punch them in the face, bash their head against the pillar, and then thrown them out onto the cold hard soil before driving over them with the very vehicle I took from them.

In all seriousness, I don’t care too much about a single being left over, though admittedly at higher difficulties it only takes one being left to destroy your freshly jacked vehicle. If they have an electric or ice element weapon it can almost guarantee you aren’t going to make the capture.

You can shoot a person out of the drivers seat. You will need to choose your weapon carefully. It nearly hurts my heart to think of the hours some of you have to be spending on this.

The Outrunner’s shock weapon will do minimal damage to vehicles while damaging all of its occupants, often allowing you to kill everyone inside without destroying the vehicle. This is of course tougher with technicals, mainly bc theres at least one attacking you w gun damage–which for reason vehicle armor was never balanced to handle at max level–and potentially status effects that can slow your vehicle like cryo and radiation. Still, the passenger in the back will be the first to go down to the shock turret, then the gunner, then finally the driver, and if youre lucky not the vehicle itself.

Just make sure you’re not also shooting it with your other weapon, and hope your own vehicle can survive the incoming damage.

I want to thank your for your suggestion. It is a good suggestion. However, it seldom works for me. I could post video. Quite literally, the time you spend doing the bashing and ejecting from the vehicle the combatants often have either almost destroyed the vehicle, or HAVE destroyed it. After you posted this, I immediately went to Outskirts on Promethea and tried it with Technicals and literally lost the very first four in a row either by the time I was seated, or before I could fully exit the Technical.

I think they may have made some type of adjustment recently as I was able to capture a couple yesterday, but loose far more in the manner I describe above that can be saved. (8 to 1ish? Maybe one out of every 10? Horrible odds regardless.)

I honestly haven’t seen but a single skin I didn’t already have since I completed my first playthrough regardless. I managed to get Bubblegum (for the Outrunner) in TVHM. That’s it.

And PS Gearbox: I quit farming skins for vehicles. I no longer care. When something gets to a certain point of being improbable to the point of bordering on impossible, I quit.

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I got a new outrunner skin in Devil’s Razor in TVHM that had never appeared anywhere else for me before, psycho-mobile or some such, mostly black w orange trim and a sort of weathered texture. I also hijacked a vehicle I thought had to be destroyed for the Mouthpiece quest and that had a new skin, making me wonder how many I’d missed, like the medical supply technical on promethea.

one thing i seen with the ai for them if u run at them they run away some what but if u just stand there they come back to u every time they pass u makes grabbing them really easy.

Grabbing them isn’t the problem. It’s keeping them. :slight_smile:

check out my post a few replies up about using the outrunners shock gun

Technical are awfull vehicule in this game. Slow moving target that can barely take a hit


The Psycho-mobile skin is a play on/tribute to the original Bat-mobile colors. (The actual car used in the TV series) I think I got that on my first playthorugh. It’s possible that might make a second skin I obtained in TVHM, but I think it was before that. I don’t remember if I have that for the Technical or if I only have it for the Outrunner.

I too have wondered the exact same thing. I tried really hard to jack that medical vehicle. I’m going to simply write that one off as impossible as it was a quest vehicle. There are a few like that. IT WOULD BE AWESOME TO HAVE SOME CLARIFICATION FROM GEARBOX THOUGH - just sayin’…

the vehilce ava gets out of on the quest line to go stop the twins can be drove around and turned in… i think it has heavy armor on it i can’t remember tho.

We’re fortunate that someone made a guide. I found several items earlier than what they list, but the info is good as far as my experience proves. Parts locations

Another good way is to lead them to some rocks. Get out on foot if you have to. The ai driving is stupid and they end up stuck on the rocks. Then hijak it, kill occupants and get it unstuck. If it is truly stuck and you cant get it out, just get out and melee it. It will move. May take a few melees so keep an eye on its armor. This has work for me many times with 4 wheeled vehicles. Cyclones no such luck yet.

Your comments, while possibly helpful solutions, actually highlights the severity of the problem. Because, I didn’t even mention the items I lost due to stuck vehicles. What you are describing is exploiting the games poor driving AI, something that “should be nerfed” as Exploits Are Always Bad. But when a system is broken, people will find solutions because the expected actions do not produce usable results.

Well raming the enenmy vehicle can hardly be called an exploit. They have run me off the road and caused me to get stuck. I think its fair play, not an exploit especially because they can do it to you. I have gotten blown up to many times to count from this. Everytime i have almost enough money for next back pack upgrade something likes this happens. Or i fall of the map, which there should not be a charge for, but thats a differant topic.

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