Very disappointed in gameplay

Maybe it’s me: thrown in to unusual system with no instruction nor ramp up. Couldn’t get through first level of story with 3 different characters. And limited lives??? WTF Expected much more accessibility from Gearbox as loved ALL Boarderland games. I guess it’s not meant for all players. One less purchase for them.

This is a beta. If you’re not happy with something, suggest a solution and it will probably be fixed in the final version.


Must be player sorry to say. Campaign is easy. Maybe not so easy if you’re trying to solo it. Make sure you queue up to join a party

This. The finale version will start off with easier missions to ease the player into the game.


I got through it solo with Miko. I’m not good at this kind of game. The only shooter I’ve ever played is Borderlands 1/2. If I can do it, anyone can.

I did die…I think 3 times. Maybe 4. One of those was at the very start falling into the void. But I finished with as many lives or more as I started with (you will get more opening boxes and completing challenges).

Seriously, give it another shot. Or join a public queue.

I failed my first 5 or 6 missions, but finally got the hang of the game and now every character comes pretty easy. Trial by fire in the beta, there will be more hand holding in the full release.

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I failed solo at least 6 or 7 times before beating the first mission. Like most things, it gets easy with practice.

Borderlands seems very forgiving compared to Battleborn.
I also died a few times when learning the ropes, and finding a character that suits my style of game play… I think this is important, test them all out, til you find the one (or others) that suit you.
I like the limited lives, as I said, less forgiving than Borderlands… Constantly respawning doesn’t always make you reconsider your tactics, but this kind of forces you to…
Lots of people still “running on in” and depending on revivals in multiplayer story mode, but hey, we are in it together! (But nothing wrong with easing on up)…
I’m enjoying it though, even after hours of playing it, hope I don’t get sick of it before I can get my hands on the full version!


I…I like this game.

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BL2 on OP8 is WAAAAAYYYYYYY harder than this game (except you have badassrank 100mio-400mio)

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What games are those?

Sry wrote BO at wirst meant BL for Borderlands. OP8 is the highest difficulty.