Very easy to Landslide on Outskirts

I’ve only played on this map a handful of times today, and each time the game has never been close… Each time one team has dominated the other.

Just wanted to know if anyone else was experiencing anything similar.

with randoms who can say. >.> there has been a lot of that going around lately because people cant get the handle of the skill/gear changes or just plain forget how to push. It gives me a headache each time :S needs one hell of a break

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Your reasonings are very sound, especially in the push department. Happens all too often, 3 opponents will be down, minions will be up, the remaining two are running away and licking their wounds, and what does the majority of my team do? They pull back… To our sentry…


The team with a good Benedict wins

Psh at least they know when to run back. I just had a team that was completely suicidal. Yet didnt know when to quit when its obvious that there is no chance in hell for a fight. Mind you I died the least on the team by at least 2 because they just ran to their deaths. I find that its worse to run completely into a slaughter than getting your defenses up and preparing to charge as a group. Then again this shows the worst kind of team when you actually have a solid team setup. (literally had all the roles well enough picked) Seriously 3 kills to 52 is not a match. >.> and yes reasoning to surrender considering the level advantage and how easily they were slaughtering us fell on death ears at 55-307.


When your team doesn’t know how to push AND blindly runs in thinking they can rambo everyone then there is a huge problem. Because you A just feed the opponent kills and B punish the entire team with your death CD. (Less CD in meltdown but still a facepalm moment when no one understands the concept of when to flee and how to support)

I don’t think it is specifically easier to snowball on Outskirts. The map is actually kinda heavily favoring mobile and aerial character (and since I have been playing Caldarius for some time, I’m not complaining ^^) but choke points are multiple, and turrets strategically placed so if someone good really doesn’t want you to pass, you WON’T pass. The first 250 points can go by quickly, but it’s the last 250 that matter, and those ones are behind said choke points.
Don’t believe me ? As Caldy, I stood head on during the last five minutes of a match with a Montana, a Kleese and a Whiskey trying to push their Elite Bot into the grinder. Alone.

Granted, I had a 0-cost shard gen, who allowed me to rebuild ad vitam eternal the healing station and the thumper turret.
I couldn’t push them back (Caldy doesn’t push a line, he barrels in like a crimson whirlwind of hate and blinds everyone foolish enough to stand against him with his coolness. And flash bangs), but they couldn’t get past me either (until the Oscar Mike finally understood placing an Elite at 460-439 for us three minutes before the end was a good idea, and launched an air strike that wrecked my outpost.)

So, all in all, this match was tense, uncertain, and awesome. (We won it by the way. I died five seconds before the end, but then our Orendi placed a pillar and it saved us the game.)

Conclusion, this map is balanced, because had they thought a little, they should have tried to kill me from behind. Especially Whiskey.