Very exploitable bug that needs fix

This bug is concerning Shayne and Aurox’s lvl 5 trait “The Immortal Aegis”.

The trait causes your shields to start regenerating at the conclusion of any of your abilities. BUT this also applies if you cancel your abilities. For example, if you were to queue up fetch and then cancel the ability, your shields would start recharging. This is a major problem, as cancelling abilities obviously doesn’t put them on cooldown. What this means is that Shayne and Aurox can repeatedly cancel an ability anytime they take shield damage, causing their shields to constantly recharge, as a result of this Shayne and Aurox would be practically unkillable. I’m assuming that Something like this wouldn’t intentionally be put into the game, so I am hoping this issue gets looked into soon.

Might want to contact 2k/gbx support directly about this. I’m not sure if this is known already or not, but it takes a little while for it to spread to the devs if it is not directly brought to them. Maybe just tag a dev on here?

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Not sure why I didn’t think to send that to support, I’ll get on it ASAP