Very Final Battle Phase Of The Algorithim...What The Hell?!?

If you’re a melee character and doing the Algorithim solo, how are you supposed to hit ISIC’s stupid flying head?

I had 6 extra lives going into that part of the mission…Rath…health and shield regen gear…but he only came within swords range very infrequently, you’re getting bounced around all the time, constant environmental damage, etc.

Is there something really obvious I’m missing?

Thanks in advance.

crossblade every time it’s off cooldown is the best thing I can think of. if you were doing it solo then when he comes into reach take swipes at him when that lightning tether is on you. those are the only things I can think of


I managed to defeat ISIC solo… using Kelvin.

It took a ridiculously long time but I managed to do it and ever since I’ve made sure to have at least one ranged character in my team.

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As the prior posters already said, with some characters is kinda ridiculous to solo Boss-ISIC, but its possible with all.
Did it with Rath & Phoebe, it just takes ALOT of time. I needed 5-7 Bladerushs with Phoebe.

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Copy that.

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…Yup, took me 28 minutes as Kelvin to damage that head.


Breaking Character…

If you have a skill or helix option to rush towards your opponent, that’s how I do it.
That’s how I did it with El Dragón for the lore challenge.
Still, it took hella long to do.
Actually, the whole mission took hella long to do with El Dragón on solo, even on normal.
Playing conservative with a melee is really, really annoying.
And even playing conservative, at least until I got my regen healing mutations, I was dying. A lot. Down to no lives at some points.
I really feel like I earned that lore challenge.


Yeah rath has a big problem on this fight he’s so light and bounces around all over taking constant damage. I did notice though once and a while you fall back onto ground. If you are standing where it shows the red flashing you will bounce up again. Just hard to control where you land. Crossblades work but you have to survive long enough to get them in. Probably will only get a few attempts before he drains all your life. Hopefully you have saved all your extra lives. Damage done will be saved so in theory you could hit one crossblade each round of bouncing before you die and if you have enough lives should be able to kill him after several attempts. But why does it have to be this way?

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I did it for the El Dragon lore a couple weeks ago with the kind help of a friend, but even then it was a huge pain in the a**!

What about if they made an alternate attack mode for isac in the ending? I mean maybe he goes in the air for a while but then has another attack where he’s grounded. This would give melee characters a chance to damage him more easily for a short time (still have to survive the bouncing phase)


It’s seriously ridiculous.

Did Gearbox not want Melee focused characters to solo this game?

I can’t even imagine trying to do it on Advanced or Hardcore.

You may be better off with a melee character that has secondary projectile attack like deande. Rath can toss his blades out in front of him but the range is pathetic and you will likely take stomp damage from isac as you are backing up and throwing the blades. Imagine someone with no option for range like attikus…I guess you could go for regen build and keep hedonic collector full and just try to pound through the damage while punching

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Good tips, thanks.

I’m not trying to solo the gane with any specific characters or anything, was just finishing off Rath’s lore challenges and thought I could at least get the satisfaction of passing the mission after completing it.

Guess not…

Are there any other spots in Story missions that present challenges like that for solo players, Melee or otherwise?

Some character types work better in certain type missions. For example ghalt works well in defense missions (think renegade or sabotuer) but he can’t move quickly so is harder to use in raid type missions. I tried heliophage with ghalt and I could survive but just took too long and time ran out, I’m just not as efficient with his skills and couldn’t kill fast enough. You could Beat it with anyone but some characters take more skill to use in certain missions.

I’ve found Benedict to be a lot of fun in certain missions because he can just fly around and destroy mobs. I did will with him in sentinel bit would imagine he’s harder to use in a defense missions where you have to defend multiple points and kill quickly

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Also you may have to spec skill tree differently for solo. For example I always run killer regen with whiskey foxtrot solo because no healers and this keeps me alive after a trash mob kill. You want sloe or push back so you don’t get overwhelmed by mobs if you can’t get away in time or kill fast enough.

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Hardcore Heliofage. Lots of instant deaths by knock backs and no one here to revive you. Other missions are OK. Maybe Reyna will struggle sometimes due to her low damage.

It’s not about speed actually, it’s his hitbox is quite big and enemies shoot him easily.

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Yeah big dudes are harder to use on that mission unless you can kill quickly

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Also, different melee heroes have different range for their melee hits. Rath’s range is among the longest.

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Gotta love spamming claps at the floating head, right?

His damage is too low to actually kill you even on Advanced difficulty, so it just takes FOREVER.

Make sure to not stand in the red areas (as these will toss you sky-high), and try to smack him as soon as he starts to attack you, as it will interrupt his attacks.

Other than, that for melee characters with no ranged attacks it’s all just waiting for the perfect timing - he\comes in close enough for a melee strike for like 1/2 a second… =.=