Very fun game! Could use a few tweaks here and there, but the framerate is a glaring issue

Overall, the game is a blast and the experience is well crafted. Sure, there are some issues with balance and features that could streamline the overall experience, but all of these things could be patched in with community feedback. However, the one glaring issue that is forcing me to reconsider a Day One purchase is the frame rate.

A shooter that is this hectic needs 60 fps, or at he very least a solid 30 fps. The frame rate consistently drops to 20, which makes playing snipers and other precision characters difficult. If I had to sacrifice 1080p resolution in order to achieve a high frame rate, I would. It is better to have a smooth experience at 900p, than a chippy experience at 1080p. Hell, you might even be able to achieve this by cleaning up the code. Whatever the solution is, I hope to see it rectified soon. The last Borderlands title for PS4 ran at 60fps, so this seems like a massive step backwards.

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To be fair, the last Borderlands title was also originally made to run at 30 FPS on a PS3/Xbox 360, so it is quite apparent as to why it ran so easily at 60 FPS on the newer consoles, which are several times as powerful, when ported. :slight_smile:

The framerate might be a connection thing, emphasis on might.
been playing PvE mostly and I didn’t gett framerate drops myself.

That may be true, but we all know that there is another big “hero shooter” launching soon, and it still manages to pull off 1080p at 60fps. Do I think it’s fair to compare these two games the same way that the blogosphere has been doing? No. However, the reality is that this comparison is often made, and failing to deliver on 60fps might dissuade a lot of would-be players. For a competitive shooter, 60 fps is pretty much a necessity in this day and age.