Very good gameplay in general but way too annoying atm

I really love this game and played it hundreds of hours. But as from now I am sryly fed up from 95% playing with other cr100 against cr20- which is depressing for everyone and/or playing against ernest who ist definitely op since anyone who is (not a good player) even defeats ambra or galileia with him 1on1.
No one can tell me that this egg provides only 30% attack speed…it’s more like 200%!
And I don’t appreciate him being able to hit ■■■■ behind cover. That and things like auto hits like reyna or benedicts stuff has place in a moba/shooter.
And don’t get me wrong. I really like challenges and competitive play but this is just lame.
In my world I would like to be rewarded for good gameplay and definitely not being (at a disadvantage) for playing anything but ranged or op chars that require all of the enemy team to play well.
But that’s the case as of a few days ago.
You go in with a 4k hp and 400 shield Kelvin and get stomped to death from one/two chars in 7sec which happened before from 5 chars in 30sec.
It’s simple math what shows that this is just wrong.
I hope it will be different anytime soon because in general I really enjoy this game an especially the pvp here. But I don’t need the depressing feeling being taunted by a ernest player the 5th time who just facerolls and stands in his 5000000% atk speed ■■■■. Go (away)

(EDITS: by PH in parenthesis)

it’s 25% attack speed…if you’re going to rant about a character at least don’t overly embellish

I stood with all of my friends from my steam account in this egg and exactly no one believed it was just 25 or 30%.
Do you feel it’s just a third faster you attack?

And it’s no ranting it’s stating the obvious. I never ranted once before but sometimes it’s just to much

Any character can get that much through gear. Without it he fires slow and sad. I always kill it immediately and let him feel gimped.

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I feel like he’s the most balanced out of the 3 that have been released. When Alani and Pendles first came out they were crazy OP. Pendles still is, but he’s not in every single game anymore so it’s not so frusturating.

Ernest is strong against some and crazy weak against others. Rath is the only character I would say is insanely OP. His Ult kills everything in one use. Ernest’s Ult takes down a big chunk, but it can’t take down full health and shields, no one except Rath does that. I like Ernest exactly as he is.

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I think he needs a fix to the helix with mine cooldown. One shot on a minion wave gives me another mine. Besides that he’s perfect. I still think Pendles was the most balanced though.

Pendles definitely feels like one of the most balanced characters in the game. Marquis poos on his parade all day every day though.

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You need to factor in gear and helix here too. With my ernest loadout, I have a zero cost 21% reload speed. Level 2 helix, I take the 20% reload speed on my power egg’s attack mode. So by level 2 with my power egg on attack, I’m already stacking 25% attack speed and 41% reload speed. By level 7, I’ll have the other two gear pieces that give me 9.8% attack speed and 9.8% attack damage. I’ll go with the 25% reload speed helix.

So level 7 with my gear, helix choices, and power egg, I’ll have stacked:

9.8% attack damage
66% reload speed
34.8% attack speed
(Plus a few secondary stats)

It’s obviously pretty easy to see how you feel like the attack speed is much much more than 25%.

@Archangel: please read the forum rules, as you broke a few of them when you were ranting.