Very Happy with Mayhem 2.0

So far Mayhem 2.0 is really good. This is what I have liked so far.

  1. New Legendaries. (Escpecially OPQ that buffs Atlas XD)
  2. Enemy variety. Enemies with new abilites and some minor enemies gaining boss abilities. Noticed a lil bit of copying from DIabl 3, LOL. Anyway still fun.
  3. Buffed Boss HP, at least they dont die in one shot. Still need a lil bit of help, but the bosses are at least enjoyable to kill and don’t insta die like before.
  4. New level. Good to see more Athenas. The planet looks good.
  5. New loot. hehehe. Love the excuse to farm more gear.
  6. New Annoints. They seem more powerful and recognizable than before. Nice.


  1. Lock TIme of Day : Daytime looks good. Evening not so much. Minor really. But still.
  2. Faster IB animation. Ability to summon Auto Bear (I guess it is a Moze thing.)

I’m happy with the improvements and can’t wait for the new DLC. Also I like Maurice more now.


I was amused that Maurice said they broke his arm and he was indeed wearing a cast.

The Echos you collect for Marcus’ sidequest to investigate Maurice didn’t play for me. The subtitles flew by and then Marcus would say something.

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Maurice’s cast was adorable and at the same time it made me thirst for cartel blood. It is a good setup, I played all day, had a nap and now we’re back… Sure theres a few wrinkles to iron out but its pree robust, the ideal. I’m sure Boundary Issues will stop leaving white noise in the game soon :slight_smile: I liked that modifier, now dodges it til fix. Its not a biggy for me


I love it. Love the new modifiers, love the harder difficulty, love the new guns.

GBX please keep doing what you’re doing!!


So you like that they basically removed Iron Bear? He deals little to no damage on Mayhem 10 even with the best gear in the game.


Ironbeast I mentioned you in another thread so you can see what IB Mainers had to go through. It explains how I use IB in m10

Iron bear is a really problem now. At the moment I can’t use my Moze explosion bear build (in this build I’m always in the bear) . I can use only a Moze build without the bear (in this other build, I’m in the bear just a second to avoid death) .
I think Flak pet and other action skills damage (skills that damage without weapons) have the same issues.


The game is a buggy mess now. I’m not the least bit happy.


I enjoy most of the modifiers tbh they have there place and none seem too crazy except…
Post Mortem ugh the main problem is your can barely see that mofo death before he hits you.

Idk color change or brighter aura so you know what to look for.

Some bugs here and there like joining a friends game at the start screen did not allow us to fast travel within map (ps4) the host had to load into the map then invite.

ive been really liking and enjoying m10 so far. the new gear is so good and have great drop rates, and a good challenge for optimising gear.

but man, the power creep is dumb. old legendaries like the lasersploder and devastator have dropped off immensely if it wasnt obvious already. still anointment dependent (not for newer legendaries though) and some modifiers can be alright if you roll good ones (slayer and invincibility/health drones are fun) but others arent as good (-75% crit dmg, chilling them softly- wtf being frozen is one of the most frustrating things in this game ROFL)

also im still getting non-anointed on m10 which shouldnt be happening

would like to see a balance revamp in the future bc the normal mode experience is too easy lmao

I’m trying to be positive about it but I can’t help but be irritated with the loot not always scaling to your Mayhem level. Killing a super spongey M10 boss just for him to drop M4 gear is something I can’t overlook. The drop rates aren’t scaling either. Some of the new guns are cool though, and some modifiers are fun.

I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.

Everyone hated mayhem 3 with its stupid over the top modifiers, so they gave us mayhem 4 with less but more significant effects, and nothing ‘wacky’. Well done. Good reaction.

Now I look at the game setup and I’m thinking…ok so I need to farm mayhem 6 in my mayhem 4 gear and get guns that I can then use in mayhem 8 to farm guns for mayhem 10 and finally I can’t one shot the whoel game. Then the level cap increase is going to come to level 60. Please let it stop somewhere, please let it stop. So I’ll farm my guns AGAIN, but that will most definitely be the last time.

But what I really don’t get, is why GB thought, after the mayhem 3 fiasco that we would want COMPULSORY ‘wacky’ modifiers. I just want to play agame with no big heads, with no near unkillable deaths chasing me down non stop, with crits that work properly and are not subject to some totally ridiculous buff or nerf. Crits are such a fundamental mechanic of our builds, it shouldn’t be messed with so much. I literally can’t be bothered to log in and play some more now just to have something stupid going on while I’m playing, making it LESS fun (not more). I’ll wait for the level 60 cap so at least I won’t have to farm 3 mayhem levels more than once more. SEe you in a few months.

P.S. Yes, technical loot issues aside. Which are super annoying.


Its because community people wanted it. Those kinds of suggestions were all over reddit sept-oct. i much prefer the neutrality of old mayhem 4 though

putting the game on hold is a good idea. im staying onboard but the game isnt stable yet


I was really, really loving this game the day before yesterday. I’d finally reached youtuber levels of gear, most of it farmed myself, and was ready for the next thing. The next thing turned out to be deathheads in bighead masks that can’t be crit and throw the careful planning of gearsets to the literal wind. /fart noises

Yes, I’m a little bitter as you can tell :smiley:


Well well, what can I say :smiley:

The cartel event is a real fun! Mayhem modes are very interestig and so is the loot (even if I’m still looking for a OPQ grr).

The only thing that is starting to get on my nerves are modifiers: the gameplay they produce is somehow chaotic and not really enjoiable for me.

Half of my legendaries have been already converted into m10 and I’ll wait for a “modifiers optional” update to play again.

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Totally. I mean, he did eat someone, but Maurice is my boy.



they are pretty funny haha

the first one is about somebody dragging his life sized body pillow of his favorit hero… AXTON around hahaha but they included the turret hahahaha

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Feck that guy he lost!!! Tradition is tradition :innocent:

ok. I get it. Iron bear needs scaling buff. But I still like the new mayhem modes.

  1. Iron Bear Doesnt drop off instantly. 1 - 4, very viable,4 - 6,Usable,7 - 8,Minor Support, 9 - 10, Not useful other than target softening and singularity.
    Basically he becomes more of a support and way to proc annointments.

  2. You don’t have to play at higher mayhem levels. It is optional difficulty increase. I have popped into lower mayhems to have funn with bear.

  3. I agree that the scalling needs to be fixed. But that one things has not ruined all the other positive changes for me.

  4. Keep in mind Moze is probably one of the stronger endgame vault hunters now. Partly because she doesnt care about ammo. And because she has a lot of good skills for survivability and dealing damage.

You are right if you use mainly green/red moze, but if you use mainly a “blue/red” moze with all equipment around the action skill time (and with my build I can stay forever into the bear) from mayhem 5 and above isn’t fun. I have to change build or character, so this has to be fixed because many players have one build and one character only.