Very limited ccg mechanics

Hey guys !

So, I think you should change change a bit the ccg mechanics.

First of all I felt fooled :smiley: When I saw a fps ccg, I expected something I didn’t even know I was dreaming about : a fps in wich you invoke greate creatures and everything, implemented with fps mechanics. I was in heaven but it was not like that and, well, why not, I just misunderstood :). Still, there is too few ccg mechanics for you to call it that way and it could backfire to you if you keep communicating so much about this side of the game.

I understand that you say it’s ccg because you collect cards and it makes sense but for me, and probably for others too, I expect to see it in the gameplay mechanics too. Right now, the cards could be as well some collectible armor mods or something like that and it wouldn’t make any difference.

In my opinion, you should dig more into a tactical side of the game. Give us the opportunity to create a deck with like 20-30 cards. When in match, we can draw a hand of cards and compose with it, like a regular ccg game. it would be way more interesting.

Because I have to say, even if the game is smooth and not too annoying to play, it doesn’t really have a personnality on its own. It just look like a quake-like and the very light card mechanics that just adds 3 powers in game doesn’t really change that.

You’ll have to find a way to make yourself original and interesting for the player’s eye because I think if you don’t drasticly change the gameplay, it won’t work. People will loose interest very quickly. I saw a couple of quake-likes coming out these last years and it didn’t work at all.

I like you people at gearbox, and I say this very neutraly : I don’t know about this project. You might just waste your ressources. You really need to find something to put in the gameplay to keep us interested, or you’re just going to get insulted again because you’ve not announced borderlands 3 yet. I won’t do that but you know it’s coming lol.

I hope I’m wrong and my advice will help you ! good luck !


tl;dr: aim for fps yugioh

I also was surprised by how limited the CCG elements were. If you’re just looking at gameplay, there aren’t any CCG elements present at all. Gear of different levels is present, but that’s a mobile game mechanic.

For me, the randomness in CCGs is fun because it increases variety. In Hearthstone I have 30 cards but I only see 10-15 a match, so I will take more time to master the deck and learn all its combinations. In P1v1 I know every weapon I’m using in every match, and I won’t ever be surprised by combinations I haven’t thought about.

I have some ideas on how to add these random mechanics in, which I’ll post in another thread.

Yeah to be fair when I first read the concept of what this game was I imagined something more along the lines of what has been discussed, a game in which you build a large deck of cards and implement them during a match and I think that would be a fantastic game to play!.. If done correctly.

This game however, seems like in it’s current state it is trying much more to be an Arena shooter where you have a hero character like OW, BattleBorn, or Paladins, but instead of it being a set kit upon selecting that character you the player get’s to build your own hero characters kit with various loadouts. Which I like that concept thus far! But that doesn’t mean that the other game I was imagining doesn’t seem equally as cool but also equally as hard to balance in terms of having to make sure nothing is absurdly overpowered amongst the games weapons as well as a potential 30+ cards.

If anyone played Phantom Dust, I was expecting Project 1v1 was going to be something similar to that game, and if you ever have the opportunity to play Phantom Dust I think you should due to it being just so incredibly unique mechanically and also it’s free on Win10 and Xbone. However, for those who don’t know, in Phantom Dust you would build a deck of up to 30 cards, some unlimited use, some limited use only up to a certain amount, and your mana/land/energy that would then fuel your ability to use the rest of your cards.

So I imagined that this could be similar to that, you start the match with a starting hand of cards that could be a weapon or an ability, create summons, wards, the full calvalcade of what you’d expect from the typical CCG, but this doesn’t seem to be that, which maybe it could with another game mode down the line if this does well enough! Otherwise, this seems to be what we have, and admittedly I do like it a lot in it’s current state so I’m personally happy either way.

Really, all they have to do to fix this, is make each card one time use until you’ve cycled through your deck. Games of Cat and Mouse, having that Meteor and just waiting for them instead of chasing. Would completely change how the game is played. Would also alleviate the newer players issues of damage. To “discard” (aka bottom of deck) a card would take 2-3 seconds each. so you wouldn’t be able to just cycle through, you lose time and time is money. And also life. 2-3 seconds without a weapon could be deadly.