Very morphic pillars bug?

I just played a entire archive mission, spending almost 20min at the data minion part, as I was playing with noobs, and at the end, I had no progress thru the challenge. Is there some type of bug or what?

And I got 251 kills so I should’ve had at least 1 done for anyone who says I just didn’t do it.

Having the same issue played through voids edge and the renegade several times and know for a fact got 3 or more a lot and nothing.

Do you guys use preamble of pain or encore, I completed the lore challenges a while back, so I don’t know if they’re bugged as of the recent patch, but I always used preamble of pain. It could be that it is bugged when choosing encore as your helix choice, a similar thing occurs with Montana and his lumberjack dash lore. Also Incursion seems an easy place to get it, just focus minions through out the match. Hope this helps.

I tried both, only counted ones before either of those helix points

I guess you can try bypassing that helix choice entirely and just wait until you level again and then chose a helix for that level, I don’t know if it forces you to pick a helix choice, but if i doesn’t then this might work. I suggest only doing this in pve, in pvp you would be at a considerable disadvantage, since both those helix choices are instrumental to her burst damage.