Very odd fighter behavior - VIDEO

While in the 5th HW1 mission, I was experimenting with using strike craft in sphere formation when I found a group of Taiidan Interceptors in X formation wobbling oddly just a short distance away from my frigates. Since screenshots would be useless to show that, I recorded the behavior in video. I apologize that the camera moves a bit much at the beginning; I was trying to see what else was going on as well.

In the video, after identifying the wobbling craft as Taiidan Interceptors, I tried to attack them with Group 1 (Interceptors) which were previously assigned to guard frigates in conjunction with Groups 2 and 3 (also Interceptors). As soon as I sent that command, the Taiidan Interceptors moved and briefly attacked one of my frigates (btw, having all ships set to passive by default is rather inconvenient) before wobbling again, but Group 1 remained in guard position.

I then commanded Group 2 to attack. Neither the Taiidan ships nor Group 2 moved.

So, I sent Group 3 to attack as well. Finally, all three of my Interceptor Groups moved, and the Taiidan squadron moved as well after being attacked… to attack a collector ship far away. I suspect that the first two Interceptor groups didn’t leave their Guard duty to attack like I expected they would, because the other Interceptors were still Guarding, and breaking the formation wasn’t allowed. But, once all of the Interceptors were relieved from Guard duty, they all left.

After recording that video, I reloaded my latest save to see what would happen, and one of the Taiidan Interceptor squadrons did the same thing but that time near my collectors rather than my frigates.

In case it’s useful, I uploaded my most recent save file. It should be from just shortly before this video takes place.

It is, most likely, a group of ships where the ‘leader’ isn’t leading - he’s following one of the others, who is in turn following him. It’s an edge case to the formations logic that we’ll eventually find and kill. The busted chain of command can result in ships not following orders, etc.