Very Overwhelmed

Getting all classes to 72 is something I wanted to do when I started this game. Getting to experience all the different playstyles. Playing the game now, I am not so sure. Leveling seems so slow. Having to play the campaign+sq 3 times for each character seems awful. Is there a way to speed this up? I also find myself not enjoying the challenges. Finding vault symbols and the such. Mostly because I don’t really enjoy the areas in the game. At least so far. I hate the dust and Frostburn canyon. A lot. Are later areas better? For the record I just rescued Roland so I know I’m early on. Also, Prestige’ing sounds awful. How long does something like that take?

There are certain farming runs you can do to grind exp at various points, but no, there’s no legit way to hit 72 without doing three whole playthroughs and lots of quests. Personally, I’ve found that certain zones I initially hated got better with subsequent playthroughs. Frostburn is a good example; those badass psychos destroyed me the first time I fought them, but now it’s familiar and I know how to deal with them.

There are some more interesting zones in the DLCs, and you can get some extra exp and gear going through those.

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You don’t have to do ANY challenges that you don’t want to.

You don’t have to prestige if you don’t want to.

As @abzask said, you also have the DLCs (and, if you got them, the five additional headhunter packs) to work through, so you really don’t need to grind the same areas over and over.

As to The Dust and Frostburn Canyon, I’m curious why you don’t like them. Is it that you’ve just got bored with them, find them confusing, are getting your rear end kicked too much, other? You may want to check out the below and related threads if you’re just finding UVHM a struggle - it’s different to NVHM/TVHM in multiple important respects, and requires a different approach. Once you get through to about level 60 or so, though, the game really starts to get rewarding.


[quote=“wowscapewow, post:1, topic:1485530, full:true”]Leveling seems so slow.[/quote]It does - just focus on burning through the main story to get through the playthroughs if you’re goal is the golden age of the end game.

[quote=“wowscapewow, post:1, topic:1485530, full:true”]Having to play the campaign+sq 3 times for each character seems awful.[/quote]It can be - you have to pace yourself. Mix them up, take breaks, and don’t burn yourself out.

[quote=“wowscapewow, post:1, topic:1485530, full:true”]Is there a way to speed this up?[/quote]Moxxi’s Endowment relic - for something like this, use it as much as you can. Once you have one with your first character, store that thing in Claptrap’s Locker so other characters can use it without having to do that side mission.

[quote=“wowscapewow, post:1, topic:1485530, full:true”]I also find myself not enjoying the challenges. Finding vault symbols and the such. Mostly because I don’t really enjoy the areas in the game. At least so far. I hate the dust and Frostburn canyon. A lot. Are later areas better?[/quote]You don’t need to do those challenges - they’re just another thing available to do in the game if you’re so inclined. What is it about The Dust and Frostburn Canyon that you dislike? Actually, Frostburn Canyon can be a little disorienting the first time you run through there, but still… those are otherwise pretty basic maps.

[quote=“wowscapewow, post:1, topic:1485530, full:true”]Also, Prestige’ing sounds awful. How long does something like that take?[/quote]It can take forever, but literally the only thing you get is a little gold star with a counter on the bottom of your BAR stat page. Other than the badass ranks that come with it, it incurs nothing that will help in the game.

I’m with you… one of the many reasons the game is immensely enjoyable (for me anyway) at the end game is that you have so many skills that you get to use in combat at any single time. When I jump into a game with a character who has barely enough points to fill half a tree… they’re kind of boring. Consider co op (with a vetted player who won’t wreck your game) to spice things up.


This is a very good post. You have truly helped with answering his concerns.

But I do have a little to add:

  1. the last playthrough does not actually have to be played. I do it anyways cause I find if fun and I have over 37 characters in game at various levels for various things. But the last playthrough get to the first fast travel and travel to torgue’s dlc play this dlc Until you can farm Pyro Petes bar brawl. (some characters are better for this than others) with a decent endowment and if you did play until you have it on other characters higher up you can really speed up the xp gain. It may get boring though

  2. Missions still give you more xp than anything else so if your sick of the main game try doing the DLC missions instead or at least do them first they are scaled to you level on the last playthrough right away. And the Headhunters scale with you. Changing up how you play the game to your pacing is a good way to keep the game interesting and prevents getting bored or “overwhelmed”.

  3. Playing co-op casually with friends or sometimes even Pugs can be a good way to change the experience. This game is better with friends in my opinion.

  4. Digistruct Peak can be Hard and Tedious (more so if you use Gaige or Axton) I recommend doing it with at least one more person in case you go down as well as play it safe don’t do anything to gutsy. For Each OP level you get I suggest upgrading all of your arsenal.

  5. TAKE YOUR TIME!!! I cannot stress this enough. If you start feeling burned out put the game down go play something else for a while or do something. This game is fun and has a lot of playtime involved but it can make you feel bored and like your not having fun. when this happens put the game away for a while and comeback to it later. This game gets super overwhelming if you try to spam it.

  6. Shorten the game. In future playthroughs of the game the missions you don’t care for, Just don’t do them. I know thats not very completionist, but I fully recognize that this game has some really boring missions or missions that are just annoying and bad. Don’t do them if you dont want to. This game give you control of what you do. So take control.

These are just some ways I can think of that will make the game or at least it should make the game easier to play and to get characters to OP 8. In all honesty if you really dont like a character then don’t continue with it. It will ruin the game a bit for you. But more than anything else I REALLY DO MEAN TAKE YOUR TIME!!!


[quote=“zarzar_96, post:5, topic:1485530”]more so if you use Gaige or Axton[/quote]Other than Maya (who owns Digistruct Peak and keeps it in a cute little ceramic shaker in her kitchen to sprinkle on her morning crumpets), Gaige and Axton do just fine there. This may sound insane, but Salvador was tedious for me running through there (and I cut him some slack because of his tiny legs too).


The reason i singled out gaige and axton is because when u do the op levels the turrets and deathtrap do not scale. The level may seem like it does but it actually does not. I find gaige has redeeming qualities in anarchy though so ibsuggest respecing when u get there. Sal i understand because as good as he is he is only good with the correct layout of gear and is hard to keep getting that gear over and over again. Harolds became easier sure but still not the easiest kriegs big downfall is aerial enemies but a good bloodsplosion will stop that maya is prob in all honesty easiest and zero isnt bad either.

Seriously, the best advice is to take your time and take breaks. I will have had this game three years this coming July and while i still play it, I don’t play it the 40+ hours a week like I did when I first got it (I tend to get a bit OCD at times…). Taking breaks with other games or activities will keep you from burning out and allow you to enjoy the progress you make rather than making it seem like a chore. My suggestion would be to-

  1. Allow at least a 10 level gap between each character. this will help put some distance between the areas/missions you just did so that it doesn’t feel as repetitive
  2. Do one of the dlc or Headhunter packs for a break and gear only found in those dlc. I usually tend to do the Mr Torgue dlc first with all characters just to reach the Barroom Brawl- being able to buy a Kerblaster or DPUH at any time (once you have enough tokens) helps a lot…
  3. Skip the optional missions. I just completed UVHM with a new Sal and barely reached level 70, and only then because I farmed the Barroom Brawl and the loot train each time I gained a new level. Not doing the optional missions, even the ones with good/great unique rewards, will speed up your play thru considerably…
  4. If you want to Prestige your characters there is a thread about it on the BL2 page- look at the details of it for more info but understand that it is entirely optional…
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Playing Borderlands shouldn’t feel like a chore! There’s nothing that says that you HAVE TO get all characters to whatever level your goal is. If you don’t like a certain character, then skip it. Simple as that!

Grinding through all three modes may seem like a real PITA, (and it is when you’ve leveled a character enough times), but it’s also a learning experience, since each character requires different approaches. Testing different skills and tactics is best done in NVHM and TVHM. Once you get to UVHM, you need to have a decent idea of how to play each character to get the most out of them. Otherwise, you’ll only die because you simply don’t know your char.

To get the best experience from Borderlands, I recommend that you level each class you wanna play at least once. After that, you can start looking in to power leveling.

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I recommend doing Normal mode (at least) with all the classes you’re interested in, and maybe TVHM. The run to lv. 50 isn’t bad, but 50-72 can be brutal and very slow. And then there are the OP levels if you’re going that far… If you hit the point where you’re burnt out and just wanna get to max level, you can always join a community (that’s what they’re called on PS4 anyways) and have someone powerlevel you the rest of the way.

And I agree with Carlton, taking a break can be a great idea. Come back after a while, and it’ll feel fresh again.

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Thank you for the replies. This community is very nice. For the record, I hate the Dust because it is huge and empty. It’s full of vehicle combat which I hate. I dislike Frostburn because its a cluster to initially navigate because it likes to curve in on it self and have multiple levels making the map useless. I’m very directionally challenged. =(

Right now I am play Gaige. No anarchy. I just got the skill that lets Deathtrap gain duration with kills. I think the big thing is that you don’t really get a feel for a class till your like level 30 or so it seems.
Also, I don’t think I can play with other players because I don’t have PS+.

I have to say that this area is quickly becoming my new fav! Only because of all the rare loot that is farmable in 1 map. And, you get to run over McNally which in itself can be hilariously fun. :laughing:

It’s essentially a giant figure-eight, like those model slot car race tracks with the bridge in the middle. The fast travel is on the inside of one loop; going left from their takes you up over the bridge, going right takes you down under (through the caves).

It gets better if you have a Bee shield, since the amp damage is transferred to the guns on the runner. (Also generally gets much better at high level, but that is definitely one place I like to have a Bee shield!)

Once you are able to spawn a Technical with the catapult, fighting vehicles becomes a lot easier. With a bit of practice, you should be able to sail through the Dust like a boss. Avoid getting crowded by multiple enemies and vehicles, and you’ll be fine.

I would like to point out I haven’t used a vehicle unless its required in a very long time. I just run everywhere and its fine for me. But in the large prospective of things for making things go quicker use a vehicle at least game wise. If you want levels to go quicker then its better to just run around you get more xp without vehicles.

Or you can jump out, demolish the enemy, then jump back in and keep going - best of both worlds that way! (That’s also what I do in TPS, since you get more XP that way.)

I prefer playing without them simply because they feel to easy

They most certainly do. They may not scale as well as people would like, but their health and damage do increase with OP levels.

[quote=“boombumr, post:18, topic:1485530”]They may not scale as well as people would like, but their health and damage do increase with OP levels.[/quote]Yeah, I have had, on more than one occasion, Deathtrap work over sections of the peak without me. This isn’t something that happens all the time, much less reliably, but he can definitely do it. I don’t think he could carry me through the entire thing (Dukino’s Mom and Saturn kick his butt, and Surveyors get his goat, for example), but for the local mobs, he’s quite capable of taking care of them.

He can still get weaker enemies syre but deathtrap and the turrets dont scale that much is written in the code. Ask any major player they will tell you.