Very simple BL3 requests

I wanted to just throw out some simple suggestions for BL3. No crazy, game changing, life altering, planet exploding changes. Just simple stuff. First, I would love to have a second button option to pick up guns. Let the second button pick it up and immediately mark it as junk. The time spent finding and marking all the white stuff in my inventory as junk is annoying. Second, perhaps a way to enter SHIFT codes for consoles online? And if so, more than one at a time? Again, hours of keying in codes with a controller sucks. (Yes hours, new Handsome Collection, loading keys for me and my girlfriend)

That’s it, feel free to add more but let’s keep these suggestions simple.

One thing that I particuarly liked about TPS compared to BL2 was that the characters that I was playing was more interactive in the story just through a lone comment every now and again. I think it would be cool to expand on that idea to add just 2-3 more options to personalize your character a little bit more in the conversations, without having any impact on the story overall.

I don’t think your idea about having junk-loot is bad, but I think it could be expanded upon. I’d personally like a button at the sell-tab in the shops where you could instantly sell all your white loot, or a button where you could instantly have only the gear from a specific rarity show up.

I do have a lot of ideas for BL3, but most of them aren’t very simple at all and thus they don’t really fit into this thread.

Holding down E while picking up customization items to unlock them instantly.



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I think they should add a huge elaborate easter egg honoring yoteslaya and maybe even giving him his own unique weapon. it’s so sad he doesn’t get to see borderlands 3. it would be awesome. he should maybe even have his own secret side-quest

A mini boss called Yote. Who drops a “Slaya of Yote” COM, Relic, or Shield?

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