Very slow loading times of BL2 and BLPS

hi there,

i have installed both BL2 and BLPS through steam and have issues starting both games.

when i start any of both games through steam i see the splash screen for at least 5 minutes until the game loads with the intro videos. while the splash screen is shown the borderlands pre sequel.exe/borderlands2.exe (depends which game i started) is not responding according to task manager but still loads after the 5 minutes.

while the splash screen was shown i saw that my cpu, disk and memory utilization was just fine, not even 30% for any of them.

while playing ingame in borderlands 2 and borderlands 2 pre sequel i have no lag, no long map changing times, no other fps issues at all, only loading into the games is horrible slow! i also have absolutely no issues with other games (like elder scrolls online, dying light, broforce, etc.)

my gear:

windows 8.1 / windows 10
intel core-i7 2,6 ghz
nvidia gtx 570
8 gb ram
samsung 840 evo

i have tried the following things:

-reinstalled both games
-started directly the appropriate \Binaries\Win32.exe instead of launching through steam

  • started the .exe as administrator
  • started the .exe in compatibility mode
  • disabled AntiVirus & uninstalled AntiVirus
    -updated graphic card driver
    -updated all my sound drivers (logitech g930 and realtek onboard sound chip)
    -reinstalled all visual c++ redistributables that came with both games
    -upgraded from windows 8.1 x64 to windows 10 x64

since i am at the end of my wizdom i would really really appreciate any kind of help here since i don’t know what else to do…i really love borderlands but the long loading time is killing me :frowning:

thanks and have a good night.