Very stupid question

Is the winter update today? Jus wondering

Nope. Next year . . .

OP, it’s not today sadly. If it was up to them, it would be.

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Seriously? For real?

Possibly. As in the post above, it depends on Sony, Valve, and Microsoft. Most likely next year but could be before

Sorry, but most of the delay was up to them. They’ve been through enough certifications to know how long they can take and plan accordingly.

For reals . . .

A. What does that have to do with them? I never said the delay wasn’t there fault, unless I missed something.
B. Not in a patch this huge. They can’t know how many bugs will pop up and by how much the process will last will increase

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Do you keep this post in your utility belt? It’s pretty helpful.

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Going to have to consider it now haha. It’s been less than half an hour and I’ve used it twice

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Sorry, guess I just misunderstood what you meant.

Getting desperate here, so far hanging in with second account, but it’s over 103 now and I’m not sure if I can make do with a third account.

I just want my Battleborn!!!

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The OPs question was answered: No, the big Winter Update does not come today. The provided post from Jythri describes the situation best.
“Winter” is the estimate time, which could reach from now up to February.

This topic gets closed, before things go futher to the “Why not now”-direction.
The “Why?” is already answered by Jythri.