Very sucky damage

I’ve used Ernest quite a bit in Meltdown over the past year maybe. I find it very difficult to clear waves, even when throwing out explosives, nades, ults. It’s intersting because he has so many tools that seem to be geared toward pushing minion waves. Is there soemthing I’m missing or doing wrong? I do build damage on him yet his output on minions is crap. I’ve always felt kinda useless unless I have other teammates with me.

I suppose he is meant to be an offensive support character. But In meltdown, killing minions is very important, yet he struggles doing that while looking like a character who would do that so well with speeding up allies, splash damage, explosive grenades, an egg full of explosive grenades.

No, Ernest is still one of the top 5 lane-clearing characters, trust me. Possibly in the top 3…


Do you have like a clip or something? I clear minion waves pretty easily with Ernest.

While this video was pre-patch, it may still help.

I break 200K damage and get almost as many minion kills as their entire team.

Don’t really know how you play, and I don’t have any general tips for Ernest beyond “Just keep shootin’.”. Therefore I’ll let the gameplay speak for itself, ask if there’s anything you wonder about and I’ll do my best to answer it.


Question; Why did you build so little? You sat on 2K+ shards the whole match.

I simply tend to forget my shards. I can sit on 2K, 3K, hell, even up to 6K without ever spending them more or less. It’s somewhat funny that I remember to collect shards but forget to spend them :sweat_smile:


Is this with another player with you? Oriendi and thorn easily outfarm me in meltdown before and after patch. I do build damage and I just…shoot the minions, and throw explodes at them lol.

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Well, Orendi, Toby and Thorn ARE the 3 best damage dealing/lane clearing characters in the game, in skilled hands. That is normal, and you shouldn’t feel as if you aren’t doing your job if they top you; they are just better at it. However, i know how you feel. Toby is, without a doubt, the best damage dealer in the game; and as a Toby main, rare is the match where i do not deal top damage when i am not countered . However, as i commonly play with @AncientBelgareth, who is one of the best Thorn mains on PS4, and a better player than me all around, it ISN’T rare for me to deal second best damage with him around. Don’t feel bad if you aren’t dealing the most damage or killing the most minions, because you are still contributing.