Very weird crash issue

Hello everyone,

I recently picked the game up from the Humble Bundle sale and am having a blast with it, though one particular error keeps preventing me from fully enjoying things.

Toby and Ghalt crash my game and my PC often follows.

Now I know thid might sound mighty dumb, but hear me out. Whenever I select either one of them in the menu, trying to check their character page, my entire game freezes, the music stops and I can’t quit, usually resulting in my entire screen turning black and causing my PC to go haywire, not even opening the task manager anymore when trying to get to it through Ctrl+Alt+Del. I have no idea why or how this is happening but it is. It’s not just limited to the menus, which wouldn’t be much of a problem, but instead also happens when someboy on my team picks either character. To make matters worse, it also always corrupts my save data, mesning I need to either keep a copy of it or to replay the prologue every time.

I really hope SOMEBODY ever stumbled over this before, as it is incredibly infuriating to have to force a shutdown of youe PC due to such a bug.

Wow!! That’s extremely weird! Happy you are having fun with the game. The matchmaking can get annoying but stick with it and you will get better.

What specs are you running btw?