Veteran PvP logic

complain about how population is bad and no one to play against.
Proceed to grief a team of mostly new players by hunting them down for kills and never going for objective.
Yeah, that’ll make new players want to stay, guys, great.
And I swear if you complain they surrender after griefing, then you are just the scum of the Earth.



So true and great point.

However, what if you’re a CR 100, you’ve been waiting in queue for a while, maybe you’ve requeued a couple of times already because you either got put on a team, or against a team, or both, of very low level players, and finally you get tired of waiting so you say “I’ll stick with whoever I get matched up with next.”

You happen to be matched against a team of varying low level players and on your team are 4 other 100s.

Should you deliberately play badly?

Throw the game?

Spend some AFK time?

I never chase kills, usually try to stay objective oriented, but sometimes it just…happens…as fights for the middle get hot and heavy.

It’s a tough situation on both sides?


Either push the objective and, or just play casually and calmly.

There is a difference between just playing the game, and purposely griefing.
Match I just played was purposely griefing. They never touched the minions, and rarely grabbed thralls, and didn’t fire on the sentry.

They just chased kills.
And played mostly griefing characters.
Pendles, Ghalt, Ernest using terrain to full advantage, Mellka. And a Master of Attikus.
I’m sure players are less likely to quit if you aren’t purposely griefing them and making the game boring by chasing kills and nothing else.


If it’s new players, I will kill them. I’ll wait till every minion, big shard, and buildable is killed, but I’m not just gonna sit there when the above are dead. Because of this, I accept surrenders for what they are


See, you at least push objective first. Then kill.
That’s also different.
It’s a rough beast, but the least you can do is not be a griefer.
It’s also sad being on the steamroll side. Least you can do is not be too hard on the new players so they’ll be more likely to come back.



I never have and never will grief.

It’s terrible.

I’ve left many a griefer team despite the fact that I probably could have racked up some easy kills / assists / whatever.

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When I get grouped up against low levels I usually play a character I am not very good at to sorta even the playing field. But alot of the time my teammates see it as a chance to get a bunch of kills and then the match ends after 5 mins…


I appreciate when those hardcore crazy skilled (but not griefer) teams you get matched against (or if you happen to be on one) do their best to make it a swift mercy killing so you don’t have to surrender and the match doesn’t degenerate into 30 minutes of getting toyed with and endlessly slaughtered.


My last match was this.
4 man pre-made, all 100 CR.
They played the game. The zoned well, grabbed shards, built minions, grabbed thrall.
But they didn’t chase kills.
If someone slipped away, back into our territory, they didn’t push the kill hard.
They did however punish anyone for attempting to over extend without any assistance.
At no point did I feel like it was a bad match.
Terrible match up. Even had an idler at the beginning, spot was 4v5.
But not a bad match cause the enemy team played the game.


No matter who I’m playing against, this is how I try to play:

  1. I’ll build our stuff, including our bot, as much as possible.
  2. I’ll grab thralls if I’m playing a character able to do so.
  3. I’ll leave the opposing team alone if they run away unless I’m at one of their sentries. Then I’ll only chase them if they stick around.
  4. I’ll hunt down and punish any character who overextends.

The only exceptions I make are for Pendles, Caldarius, and Mellka because almost every time I’ve been matched up against them, they try to chase kills and it annoys the hell out of me when they do. As far as I’m concerned, unless my team is hitting your sentry, running back to base is a viable tactic. If I’ll have to run away after a kill, I won’t pursue it in the first place. I rarely get double digit kills, but I get a whole lot of assists because of how I play. Like @FlamesForAll, I seriously doubt I’ll ever get Worthy of Song.



I don’t know man!

I got between 20 and 23 kilks a few times this week as Phoebe (who I’m about to Master).

So once I’ve mastered all characters I can stack her or someone with some crazy offence gear and hopefully get it!

I get really upset when better players are better and do things that suggest they aren’t even trying.

Just kidding. I just get better and do it to others, the way I was taught - The right way to gaemz.

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-checks clipboard- Uh, i have a shipment of “This” for @diekthx. Like, a ton of “This”. SO much “This”, guys.

Don’t listen to Charlie Brown, kids; there is no such thing as “good grief”.

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I agree in principle but sometimes it runs the other way.

I’ve had games against low CR teams that try to deathball for kills and ignore the objective (which to be fair probably makes sense if their coming from an FPS background).

In those situations, when four of them are swarming around your spawn trying to gank people, you kind of have no choice but to attack them.

The responsibility of retaining a low population shouldn’t be on the players. Full on griefing I’m against, but simply playing the game objectively and killing players sometimes is kind of the core of the game. If I’m handicapping myself over and over again to accomodate new players then the veterans get bored and leave the game anyway.

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Hey, how about change your title? It’s pretty generalized, and the people you’re actually talking about aren’t even going to bother reading it.

I’m a Veteran, and I hunt down easy kills, you know why? I’ve got characters to level, I’m not going to pass up an opportunity to level up a character I hate faster with little to no effort.

I have to get Rath to 15, but I hate playing him more than I hate AIDS, but I gotta do it.
I just don’t complain about surrenders, because I prefer they surrender before I realize I can farm them. It saves us both the time it would take to destroy their sentry anyway.

(besides, I’m a support main, If I get a kill on you, you need to practice a bit more. xD)

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I’ve found that some teams are simply out to unleash stomparmegeddon on an opposing team, especially newbies (experienced the most on capture) and those that are just really good at playing the objectives.

Sadly in my experience, more often times when I see that full yellow bar of death and they all display kill related titles, I know what ride I’m in for. I often wonder if the titles encourage this behavior - whenever I see people complain their Coopetition title didnt unlock, I often wonder how their team fared and if they got utterly oblitered by a stompteam.

Having said that, it has happened from time to time where you are clearly outskillee by the opposing team. They are better. They obviously coordinate and communicate BUT they give you room to breathe/play while still keeping things challenging and moving towards winning.

I hate being farmed for kills and titles, but when I see this behavior I change my playstyle to try and hinder their attempts.

Some have etiquette and sportsmanship, others don’t and may be more after validation and ego boosting. And some people are just dicks.


I tend to do that too. The reason is to get familiar with another toon in pvp and probably make it a main character. The funny part is that I often find the level 100"s on my team having a hard time against lvl 30 and below. I swear, there are too many lvl 100"s that play worse than level 10’s in Incursion on Xbox1.



I’ve been wanting to make a topic for a looooooong time about the vast universe of skill and experience differentials amongst all of us CR 100s.

Command Rank level can be soooooo damn misleading.

I played with a team of 3’s through mid 20’s the other day and we TOOK APART a mic’d up team of 5 100s.


Similar outlook. This is how I learned that my Ghalt absolutely wrecks on low level players and gets torn to shreds by people who know his kit. I have gone 12-0-18 to 0-10-2 depending on the skill level I am playing against.

Pretty good sign that I need to actually get good with him, hoping to get the first kill in the match before they nerf his scrap trap stun to the ground. Otherwise I think I’m never gonna get his legendary. When is that happening again?..

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Could be those CR100’s are like myself - PVE only players who ventured into the world of PVP and despite the stomps and issues often discussed, enjoyed most of it and keen to stay and get better :slight_smile: