Veteran Reward machine is dissapointing

I thought it would offer quest rewards that you have already completed which is does in a small tiny and pointless way, Its only rolling main game items and no DLC items, the only legendary ive seen so far is the Red Suit which is just a main game quest reward.

What a let down, really thought it would at least have the one off items available such as the Scoville… Is it just buggy or is it meant to be a pointless addition that no one will use?


I believe it’s only for main story one shot rewards. The Scoville is from a dlc, so it’s not eligible to appear, yet.

GB is pretty good about responding to fan requests like this. It might just take a bit.

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Hopefully they listen to feedback on this one, Its incredibly annoying to only see a couple of blue and purple quest rewards and one legendary that is easily farmable in game.

As off right now this is a naff addition to the game, lets hope its improved :frowning:

GBX is good at misinterpreting those requests :rofl:

main game quest rewards where never a problem to obtain :sweat_smile:

what we asked for where the one off items (a la “ember’s purge” and such) i hope this is a test for actualy making those obtainable (without resetting your whole progress just to farm 1 weapon with a still diluted anointment pool)

so i agree with the OP, as for now it’s,


I noticed this as well.

GBX needs to make all mission rewards AND uniques that can be mailed to the player spawn in that machine.

And it needs to have way, WAAAAAY more than just a mere chance to spawn just one or two mission rewards/uniques. The Vault Veterans machine should have 2 toggleable settings: normal mode and veteran mode. Normal mode is just like the Crazy Earl machine always is. Veteran mode would only have mission rewards and uniques for the missions you have completed.

Even if there were something more than mission rewards in the Crazy Earl machine, it still is not very rewarding to run all the way from the spawn point to the Crazy Earl machine just to see if you were able to get a mission reward to spawn in there at all!


@Tokesy97 That is a bummer. Literally the only reason I was looking forward to the new machine mechanics was so that I could get a Bekah with a good anoint.

And thanks for the link.

Best I can tell, you cannot buy gear through that machine if they are ones that would have been mailed to you. I think it has to be specifically a mission reward to be available in the machine. I have not seen a Lyuda (not that I really want one, but it also is a mailed item) or Bekah yet, despite a decent amount of farming.

But I may be incorrect. Anyone else gotten a Bekah or Lyuda out of the Crazy Earl machine?

Already asked that exact question in the thread and directed it at Noelle hours ago, no response.


Thanks for the link :+1: hopefully it will change in the future.
Crazy Earl needs to set up shop in each DLC, like in BL2 and not just hang out in the hanger at Sanctuary.

Maybe if Gearbox bring back Pearls or Seraph weapons we may see new Crazy Earl locations and more flexibilty to the loot pools available from his machine at that point :crossed_fingers:


Dag I wanted the 7th sense lol that pistol shreds


DLC rewards ought to be Veteran rewards… if you have the DLC.

As it stands… yaaaaay, Bekah?

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Vending machines in BL2 with seraph crystals were so neat, plus the whole really-hard-to-solo invincibles, I wish they kept that method.
Krieg was my most played character in BL2, the whole melee rampage thing would be SSSSSLICK in BL3.
This is so sad.

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If i read into that comment with an open mind ‘no new item rarities being added’ all i can think is Seraph, Pearl and even Effervescent are not new, they are old :wink:

Realistically, nobody is buying anything from his normal selection at level 60 anyway, so they might as well make it all veteran rewards from that point and by those I’d be quite surprised if anyone wanted anything that wasn’t a red text item either, so they could restrict the loot pool further so that it isn’t polluted with random greens we got in some of the first quests and didn’t even use back then.


I will agree that it would be nice if they also added DLC items and one-off rewards.


@Crowl I don’t think I’d entirely agree with your assessment there.

There are tons of blues and purples in the game that are worth using. @johnrr6 just did a post in the Moze forums with a build using only blues and purples. Bangsticks, Stagecoaches, Lumps, Q-Systems are just a few weapons that are still pretty darned good (or in some cases, excellent) at level 60, M10.

I’d still like to be able to toggle the machine to have a chance at getting those. Although to be fair, since they have scaled the GunGun, now you probably can use that to get whatever blues or purples that you want, so maybe you could be onto something there? The Earl machine could be set up to only spawn mission rewards, mailed items, and uniques, and if you want blues/purples, you use GunGun. The counterpoint to that is that if it is your first playthrough, you wouldn’t have the GunGun initially, and that is about the only place you can reliably get anointed weapons early in a playthrough.

So I guess I am maybe a little mixed on your comment.

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You could still get those from any of the umpteen other vendors though and they would only cost you gold to get them, my point was specifically about the veteran rewards machine rather than vendors in general.

And… still nothing to spend eridium on

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That’s fair. But my point about not being able to get anointed weapons anywhere else in early game still stands. You don’t get anointed weapons in vending machines until you complete a playthrough and turn on Mayhem modes, so the Earl machine still has a valuable use for that.

Is it just me who winds up being the ‘anyone’ in these comments? :laughing: I think @johnrr6 is running a blue/purple run, where that machine will be a handy source of nice gear.

I come sniffing around this machine for a shot at purple anointed shields… found an anointed double Amp in there recently, and a cryo Nova/Spike combo too… it’s one of many dice I’ll roll simply by looking at the inventory to see if I can get nicer shields. For something that costs Eridium though, I don’t think it should contain anything less than Blue (maybe Purple) rarity. Even if I was a poor scrub leveling up who had recently come into some Eridium, I’d pass on some green thing for a shot at a good Purple piece later.