Veteran Vault Hunter Eastern timezone

PSN Id ; byronthebear92

Time Zone ; USA Eastern

Frequent online times (in local timezones) ; 5pm - 7pm

Mic ; Yes

Game/DLC version (Basic, Deluxe, Super Deluxe) ; Basic

What you want online for (Boss fights, playthroughs, messing about, farming etc) ; playthroughs/leveling up

Other information; Hey I am looking for a group to play with as i level up all the characters to max. I’m 28, with a step kid so i might need to dip out from time to time but it shouldn’t be much of a issue. I will be available Friday-Monday in the time slot above, other days i am more available but have other responsibilities so who knows when i will have time. If possible i would like to communicate through discord; byronthebear#2122