Veterans day 2015

thanks for your service


Hear, hear! Thanks vets!

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Many, many thanks. And good thread!

Cheers to the men and women in uniform!

Glad my best-friend is back from duty and we I can spend this Vets day with him. :slight_smile:


If any Veterans see this, Thank you very much for your service. You are not forgotten.

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And hopefully some are reading this! Because they are persuaded to do stuff like this with all the phones and internet… :slight_smile:

To all Vets, thank you for your service and in many cases sacrifice you have made to ensure our freedom. Freedom is not free, and without a strong military and those willing to serve there will be no one to oppose vermin like Boko Haram, ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

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From the guys at 11 Btty 2/3 Field Regt. Royal Australian Artillery, Lest We Forget