VH and health regen

Is it me or does BL3 have WAY less health regen skills/buffs for most of the VH than other games. Fl4k is the only exception but Moze, Amara, and Zane feel like they have almost none esp early game. I remember bl2 and TPS having health regen options pretty early on for almost very VH and more than a few later in a tree or 2.
Even Bl1 has a few options and those trees are tiny.
I really wish more of them had health regen options esp early on. It feels so weird without it

moze got updated recently and got a good addition to redistribution
while the change to rushin offensive seemed a bit like a panic reaction to bad feedback^^
i dont know about zane and fl4k
amara got enough definitely

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They have way more life steal this time around, more than just every Moxxi weapon except for the grog.


Agreed with @boombumr - every VH has either health regen or life steal, or in some cases both. You can argue over whether health regen is effective enough at higher mayhem levels (and people on here DO argue over it), but it is there.

Also, you now have GR perks that bring you back up after FFYL with full health, so the health gate mechanic in BL3 is not as punishing as it was in BL2.

Amara has Clarity, great regen skill in green tree at tier 1.

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Wouldn’t say so, honestly. Maybe when it comes to straight-up health regen, but Borderlands 3 in exchange has considerably more means of lifesteal which is objectively stronger in the late game.

Like, most Bl2 Vault Hunters had difficulties staying alive without using Moxxie weapons and I don’t feel that in BL3. I played mostly Zer0 and he had no permanent health regen skills, he only had one that was regen during his action skill and one that healed a little for killing enemies with melee attacks. My Zane on the other hand can easily heal himself back up to full with only a few shots and the regen from Donnybrook isn’t all that bad either, now that it can stack.

Bl3 also has more other sources of healing, especially shields. There were only two shields in Bl2 that could heal and both were difficult to get and payed for that ability with god-awful capacity. Bl3 on the other hand has both health boosters and regen when full as just generic traits that you can get.

actually bl3 had a lot more regen , but no moxxi meta yet

but all percentage regen are worthless when u can have life steal , and 3 out of 4 character has it

To be fair, I really like the life leech when paired with the lob. Real easy to take advantage of it with the slow moving projectiles.

I feel that BL2 had more or better group heal options. The transfusion grenades alone were amazing. BL3 feels less…teamwork-y. Sure each VH has a team-buff skill, but often they aren’t the best option to use solo or even in a group. As for regen, pure regen is less, but BL3 has more healing options. Moze and Amara are both pretty tough to kill with the right builds.

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Fl4k have a lot but the number are crap though

But with regular guns its just a clown fiesta xD

All he needs is 1-2 points in salvation to maintain. Even with just 1 point, I can out sustain my FL4k.

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yah but some arent as easy to use like moze’s sprint lifesteal isn’t as easy to constantly run and aim esp when enemies are behind you or your cryod

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Doesn’t matter how easy or difficult it is to activate, life steal is life steal and will invalidate %based health regen with the low numbers GB gave us for this game. Besides, couldn’t you just throw grenades while running to get the life steal?

Can’t maintain sprint and toss grenades, you stop running. Also you can’t start running while firing since they added life steal to Rushin’ Offense. It’s still a solid skill, and has kept me alive often. But it’s not as easy to use as many think it is.

For example, my current explosion-build requires me to keep my distance. Trying to sprint, fire, and not get caught in the blast is difficult. Some arenas and maps aren’t built for it. I usually fire, turn, sprint away. Yellowcake, Lobs, Plaguebearer, and other slow-moving weapons are great for that. But something like the OPQ tends to kill me more often than heal me, if I’m trying to sprint forward and fire with it.


the skill is kinda too good to not use it
while totally unpracticable is most situations
its horrible xD
like the cutsman a few months ago
destroying everything in a second but often not even hitting enemies because they are simply running faster than the projectiles + charge + slow reload xD

yes it does actually. if youre stopped from activating it it’s useless when HR would be active. If using it is more difficult like sprinting and aiming compared to moving slowly/in different directions it’s another cost you have to factor in.

grenades are relatively limited so thatd only work for a short time