VH custom loadouts

I noticed oddly only recently that your Catch-a-ride has three loadout slots, so you can quick select the ride you want.

How about they make this possible for the VH’s as well. Would be cool to have 2, let alone 3/4 custom loadouts.

This has been mentioned a few times, so I don’t know if this will be merged, but it would be very convenient. Players shouldn’t be able to just switch entire builds in a fight though, so as has been suggested, either be able to do it at customization machine, or maybe New U’s.

Id love that, please add this!

Yeah that would be great addition. I remember when they added this feature in Diablo 3 people loved it!

For now, I just copy my characters for different builds, respeccing and getting gear out of the bank or mules for a build time and time again is a hassle.

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Im in agreement. The Monster Hunter World system is great. Something like would be awesome. Saved and labeled loadouts please🙏