VH1 v VH2 v VH3: Who would win?

There won’t be a lot of fair comparisons but I’m curious on who you guys think would actually win in a fight to the death versus each vault hunter. You can either use lore to support your argument (i.e. VH1s were trash while VH2s were lore-wise stronger) or go with gameplay abilities to support your argument.

Roland vs Axton vs Moze?
This can be either a 3-way fight or if you want to go 1v1 then that is fine as well if you think they can be good matchups for each other. Soldier battle.

Lilith vs Maya vs Amara?
Siren fight. This can be without Eridium then all of them amped up on Eridium if you so wish.

Mordecai vs Zero vs Flak?
Sniper battle

Zero vs Zane?
Assassin battle

Brick vs Krieg? (vs Amara(?) as she is only brawler)
Big, durable hitters

Couldn’t really think of a good matchup for Gaige or Salvador
Gaige’s pet vs Flak’s pets I guess?
Salvador vs Himself?

Consider it is within the canon that the Vault Hunters all work with each other in sync to defeat the enemies I guess you could even have a Royal Rumble type situation honestly:
Lilith/Roland/Mordecai/Brick vs Maya/Axton/Salvador/Gaige/Krieg/Zero vs Flak/Amara/Zane/Moze


Include TPS. before 3 imo the presequel characters skills will win with Borderlands 1 and 2.

Not yet sure if B3 characters can match up with them, maybe FL4k since he is broken.


Kinda thought about that but then though against it because then you’d have to add in all the other Borderlands iterations like Tales so just figured the mainstay game Vault Hunters would make for a better title

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Jack Doppleganger beat em all because he is a hero

there is no vault hunters in tales.


rhys and fiona
to an extent maybe loader bot
claptrap vs gordas/gortys could also kinda be a thing


do you think those guys can hold up on the vault hunters (maybe if you include finger guns).

com’on give some love on tps.

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Lilith wins vs all. She was OP in the first game, especially w/ Fire. Phasewalk regens health and makes her invincible, just touching enemies usually kills them, gets damage reduce, confuses enemies, etc. She could easily solo Crawmerax.

Lore wise she is probably the strongest next to Tyreen, too. Even Maya couldnt use Eridium like her.


Nice thread.

The soldiers are quite evenly matched, but I think Moze might scrape through.

Off the bat, both guys deploy and look for cover, Moze gets herself behind cover.

With no other targets, the turrets start to hammer each other. Axtons wall placement offering slightly more advantge and takes Rolands out.

1 turret down, Moze hops into iron bear and lays into Axtons turret, taking a bit of damage in the process.

Axton gets damaged by rock fragments as Iron Bear ploughs through his cover. Axton is out.

Roland is the more seasoned professional so during the scrabble manouvered to get behind bear as it zeroed in on Axton.

He starts peppering the back of Iron Bear and destroys it…

But Moze was already out and strafing out of view, catching Roland in the blindside.

Moze wins


Nisha auto aims/crits everyone straight to hell


Sirens Fight.

Amara I think will take this.

Maya phaselocks Lileth
Amara phaselocks Maya
Lileth phasewalks her way out.

She stuns Maya, who is help captive by Amara and then walks over to Amara.

But before Lileth can act, Amara’s high into the air, slamming Lileth, knocking her right out.

Amara wins


Between the three gunners, Axton was the most mobile with a useful action skill. IB just doesn’t compare to their end game viability unfortunately.

Between the three Sirens Amara, Lilith was strongest in first installment but Amara was gifted all their skills for the most part outside of invulnerability.

Fl4k is a crit factory but not really a sniper build like Mordecai or Zero. Between Fl4k and Gaige I’d say Fl4k - then between Mordecai and Zero it’s probably Zero.

Between Zero and Zane it’s hard to pick. If you want to know who can do more damage it’s Zero but if you’re talking about build vs build Zane can overcome Zero in a fight.

I never actually played the melee characters in the first two so I can’t contribute here… And Salvador was a bit unique to pair up. Never played TPS or Tales so no input there either.

The fight I’d actually be interested in seeing though would be Axton and Gaige vs Fl4k and Zane. That battle would look more like mayhem than most the end game is in this installment.


More like Amara Phasegrasps any one of them, ties that bind wrecks them all. Done.


Fair point…

Amara or Maya would win,rest of the VHs can shoot their guns and use their puppets but thats all.Gotta be realstic shooting won’t help old soldiers,mercs and kids with toys.

Depends if the VH have to use weapons from their respective titles all bl3 VH = dead. Be all bl1 winners in a ranged fight bl2 in close quarters.

The only one I can offer an opinion on would be the soldier fight. It honestly depends on how Iron Bear is outfitted. If Moze had Iron Bear outfitted with dual chain lightning railguns, that fight would be over as the lightning would chain from a turret to all the other targets.

Although, Axton with a fastball could be a serious threat, I think Moze would come out on top because Iron Bear gets a few invulnerability frames briefly.

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It would probably help to determine who fights who by better breaking down each category: Soldiers, Sirens, Assassins, Wildcards.
Then you have to decide whether you’re filtering these groups by Lore or Archetype. Zane is literally an assassin, but he leans closer to the Soldier archetype in gameplay. Fl4k is a Wildcard by lore, but Assassin by gameplay. Sirens are usually Sirens in Archetype and Lore, the one exception being Athena who is an Assassin by lore but follows more of the Siren archetype in gameplay.

Moze vs. Axton vs. Roland: Iron Bears are OP killing machines that fear no man or god judging by the echo-logs in the Fight for Sanctuary DLC, they’re also customizable in weaponry where the turrets are pretty limited, so Moze has a big advantage in IB while also having a strong survival drive and selfish skillset. Axton, despite his strong offensive kit working well in this 1 on 1 on 1, probably dies first because he’s too reckless, but Roland is a leader/support specialist so he probably doesn’t fare well either. Moze pretty easily wins this battle.


Fl4k vs Zer0 vs Mordecai

Mordecai is probably best sniper…and has Bloodwing or Talon as backup

Fl4k is not human so has no pain factors per se with his animals for backup

Zer0 is middling sniper with an ass kicking sword.

My votes got to Mordecai…IF he can get the drop on Zer0.


Zer0 fades out, and heads towards Fl4k, who poses biggest threat with Rakks, Jabber/Spiderant/Skags

Fl4ks sents his Rakks hunting Mordecai as Zer0 is nowhere to be seen.

Mordy nails Fl4ks spiderant/jabber/skag, just as Zer0 appears behind Fl4k and backstabs him.

Bloodwing/Talon arrive to divide Zer0’s head from his body.

Mordecai wins.


Brick vs Krieg is probably the closest matchup.

It’d be like Rocky 4 all over again.

that one can be decided by the flip of a coin.

As a non-siren brawler, Amara would simply be outmatched by the sheer ferocity of those two.

For those mentioning TPS. - Don’t forget, you kill Nisha and Wilhelm in BL2.