VHs from earlier generations vs Maliwan Blacksite

Over 3 games (TPS in this occasion counts) we had quite a few characters. Who do you think is viable (or not) to take on Maliwan Blacksite (4 player scaling; character can only use gear from their game)?

Also, I know that:

  • math is inconsistent between games and it is impossible to compare, but it can be discussed in broader concepts - survivability, skills, mechanics.
  • mister Critical Ascension and DPUH x Grog Nozzle are no brainers.

So… what do you think?


I just wondered about something similar a while ago.

I wonder if Zer0’s B0re would work with Wotan?

I could see Maya beating it for sure, with all the elemental buffs going for her, and the CC she has. Also, the bee shield + Sandhawk, pretty much every character could beat the raid imo. I could see Maya using bee + pimpernel destroying wotan in seconds though. Krieg would probably have a rough time inthere, not really with the mobbing part, but Wotan. Although with the chain explosive skill he has (forgot the name), it might be doable. Sal is a no brainer for sure.

I can’t see anyone from BL1 doing it tbh, but then again I don’t really remember much of the skill trees anymore. Lilith’s phasewalk could come in handy at wotan though, and running a smg build, it might be doable. Double anarchies ftw!

From TPS, I only played Jack and willhelm, but I don’t have enough knowledge of the game to say wich one would able to clear it.

Edit: added a few VH’s


It would be really fun to get the previous vault hunters as playable characters so we can find out. I’ve always hoped the BL1 VHs would return.

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the only thing I can say for sure is that Salvador will do it :rofl:


Athena with her infinite ammo and insane damage with Maelstrom stacks.


Whether it’s effective or not, I’d like to fire cannons at Wotan accompanied by orchestral music.



  • Jack might be doable, with his kill skills he has a lot of fire rate + Hyperion shotguns. I remember having no trouble with Claptastic Voyage’s final boss.
  • Aurelia, Clap, Wilhelm… eh - fun but mediocre.
  • But Nisha with has bodyshot critical hits that might work…


  • Brick: no HP regen; bigger than standard hitbox. Masterblaster can help… if you manage to dodge all the bullets…
  • Roland is sitting duck with his turret. If he can keep his kill skills active, some damage might get done.
  • I bet Mordecai wouldn’t be able to kill Wotan and its mobs as fast as he can kill Craw. Also, bird regen.

Can’t remember anyone having such skill… :frowning: Oh, yes… CLAPTRAP.

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Nisha would wreck with her ability to ricochet bullets + dual wielding guns like the Maggie and/or luck cannon


Sal and Timothy. Only ones that could do it.


Any Bl2 character and build that can beat Digistruct Peak could probably deal with the Takedown. The Bl1 characters might have some trouble with this, though Tresspass on Mordecai would probably be really useful. Lilith was pretty good in Bl1 but I’m not 100% sure if her skills would be quite as helpful in the Takedown.
I don’t really know all that much about TPS, but Nisha was absolutely broken and wouldn’t really struggle, Doppelgänger would probably work well and Claptrap had a few strong builds.

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Well considering VHs from earlier have to use todays gear/synergy…

Hellsplosion would need Novaburner since FotF is not in 3.

Axton should synergize well with AOE-Splash and double Nuke build.

Maya with Rico+Kinetic Reflection+Chain Reaction,… Holy Crap
(maybe backdraft + novaburner?)

Zer0 with a facepuncher :open_mouth:


Zer0 could probably just B0re Wotan to death. Maya might be able to pull off a BNK3R-style kill too.

Krieg could probably effortlessly bloodsplode all the dense mobs, and could probably have a good chance of bloodsploding Wotan himself with all those adds.

Sal would just Sal it up. Pick your build heh.

Lilith might be able to pull off some Craw-style phasewalk cheese.

Deathtrap would float there shooting impotent shock beams at Wotan’s invulnerable bubble shield. :smiley: HIgh anarchy stacks and the usual redundant Fibber could wreck things though.


Nope, Maya would wreck Wotan. Phase Lock one of the ads, Pimpernel Wotan, Chain Reaction would absolutely destroy him. This is the same reason Amara wrecks Wotan.

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Would GR overkill stack?

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Can any of them not do it?


Yeah, I would really like to see you do Mayhem 4 with Brick, Roland or Morde. Also, other characters are questionable knowing the amount of trading in Wotan fight.

Have you seen the damage your character receives w/o drawing aggro way? Not to talk about modifiers. I’m glad that there are no bandits with rocket launchers, because these a-holes + 2 extra pallet modifier would shred anyone. Even Sal would have hard time.

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Mordy would shred M4. Trespass FTW! Being able to do direct health damage would trivialize those 3-bar enemies.


Bloodsplosion Krieg with Explosive Fastball(or Shock) would do work with all the dense mobs. Could likely bloodsplode Wutang as well if you times it right.

LBT/Anarchy Gaige w/ Twister and Ricochet Fibbers would be mad too.

Damn, they don’t make 'em like they used too.


Yeah, I’ve forgot about that. Still a bit sceptical about energy barrier phase and trash mob battles while Wotan is on his break - barrier require to get close (or high) and arena does not that much of places for cover purpose…

Speaking of survival - healing comes from Bloodwing and bl1 transfusion grenades, which is not fast.

Remove ledge glitch, remove cover, change crabs into atlas soldiers in Craw fight and Mordy wouldn’t be as effective - summoning Blood and chucking frags all the time wil be all that Mordy will be doing before getting game ended.

Now I want BL1 dlc - “Takedown on Atlas Crimson Site” :smiley:
Wait, we have simmilar map. The last segment before Knoxx’s base. Just add more mobs (ha, even Atlas badasses have similar design - cylinder on their back that explodes :smiley:), 4x scaling and we are good to go.

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Nisha could do it with her dual wielding pistols, up fire rate, perfect accuracy, imagine dueling thunderball fists for the shield and then switching to the hornet for armor. Wait those 2 guns were in tps right?

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