Viability in competitive Incursion

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I never understood the argument that if a character isn’t always engaged in a fight that he makes the comp 4v5
Pendles can always busy with something or other and can help nearly any temp comp immensely
Most dangerous reveals have an hp gate that he can deal with easily with saving his smoke bomb and some shurikens

And like you said @loving-hatred
You can’t beat having a full team of Triple Legendaries/Epics


What a character is capable of and how people play them do not always meet.
I almost never play in a 5 man so I guess I haven’t had the pleasure of having a full team with triple legendary gear and a shard support Pendles. I’m in the Xbox league and don’t run legendary gear anymore unless I’m playing PvE or I might run one while solo queueing but not often. Running triple legendary is never viable if you are solo queueing.

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I’m not sure I understand what you are talking about here. Could you elaborate?

I think it’s more about him being cloaked a lot, directing all the damage onto 4 people instead of 5. He can be viable I think, but only if there’s no Ambra, Marquis and Orendi!


A triple epic pendles can make it so the pushes have massive weight, I had a recent meltdown match I was at about 20K shards total, almost every minion wave had an elite bot I do understand that’s not incursion, but elite bot after elite bot add up after a while and add both a pseudo-tank/waveclear if you can work around it’s programmed behavior


You can run Econ gear on anyone though. And we are talking about incursion specifically.

You can take down the offending reveal, Houdini or sunspot respectively

But on pendles it creates an imbalance in favor of your team, think of it like a trade embargo in real life, your team keeps them from coming out to get the shards they need while you are taking all their shards

I’ve played a 10 man scrim where we had a Pendles in Meltdown and it really didn’t work, just too much damage directed at us. Obviously that’s only 1 game, it might have been a bad one! Pendles might be appearing in the league games so watch out for that!


To be fair “viable” is somewhat dependent on skill level and the guys you play around with are far above average

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These^ are my exact thoughts. Like Toby with HIS counters, Pendles can be rendered damn near unusable by the above-mentioned characters in skilled hands. Sure, he can still do stuff with shards and buildables, just as Toby can still wave-clear tolerably well with several counters; but Pendles STILL loses his signature use, securing kills, when he is heavily countered by reveals.

In other words, Pendles HAS to be constantly hitting the enemy Battleborn, rinsing, and repeating, to keep his team from being rolled.


The main reason most Pendle players leave his team vulnerable on 4v5 is because they go to destroy buildables/collect shards deep inside enemies base (even when the enemy is pushing) .

These players think this is Pendles main role, which I highly disagree based on my playstyle with his character. In overgrowth, the miiddle and base turret is always helpful to destroy and keep control. In fact, I wish more ranged players focus down the enemies turret. However, spending time on getting to and destroying any other buildable as Pendles is just hurting your team. During that time, it is more beneficial for Pendles to support a push, take out the squishy or most vulnerable enemies.

Pendles is extremely difficult to play against skilled players that have 2 or more BB than can reveal him. Very few players can make him viable in those situations. I’m one of those few but I get headaches after 1-2 matches.


Okay. Ambra has two reveals though and after the recent update, her level 1 reveal is more viable than ever.

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I’m aware, but that was what he seemed to be referring to

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I think I figured it out. Pendles is only as viable as the opposition allows. Meaning he is not very viable at all in competitive play.

Agreed. So many Pendles don’t get involved in fights enough, or even help clearing waves, and just stick to buildables or waiting for low targets!


If I had a nickel for every Pendles I saw who was just waiting for someone to get low on health, I swear. How do you think they get low in the first place Pendles? Do a little damage for once, please!


How many people choose Ambra in high comp play?
Marquis isn’t as bad now that his reveal is much smaller in radius

And I suppose Orendi is still an issue but it’s not a constant reveal so saving your smoke should suffice

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As others have mentioned, it’s typically his lack of lane presence. He can be played effectively for sure, but the vast majority of Pendles will wait until someone’s low, not help them get others low.

Toby’s typically babysitted when he’s playing, potentially limiting his lane presence depending on the skills of the Toby and his counter(s). The difference is that Toby draws the aggro from at least one particular player so he doesn’t focus the rest of the team.


A fair amount actually. Her biggest drawback for competitive viability is her easily destroyed sunspots. She used to be 3rd or 4th choice for healer but now that Alani and KU got the axe she may have taken a step up. Imo she is a better healer than KU but KU doesn’t need to be nearly as close to the action and can dish out his damage from a relatively safe distance. If you want to shut down stealth she is the best imo.
Saving your smoke only works if I’m not saving my reveal for your smoke.

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