Viability of the Culling Spike

I’ve seen this legendary on Lowline’s (aka Battleborn Jesus) website, but I’ve never gotten it.

I just got it max-rolled this afternoon.

For the unaware, it is an attack speed item with a secondary stat of attack damage.
Its special effect is:
Jennerit Only: Grant 2.52% Attack Speed to all nearby Jennerit allies.

2.52%? At max roll?


Why would I ever bring this? The only time I could see this being useful is on an all-Jennerit team.

Can we get a buff to this or something?

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I believe those faction legendaries stack, so a team of five jennerit all wearing that would be around 12% increase in attack speed on top of the attack speed it already gives.

If what u r saying is true :scream: thats like 37% att speed with the right gear.

I have not tested any of this, I’m one of those “non legendary” players. It would seem logical though, I think that 5 ringer discount (rouge one) works in that way. I remember a friend of mine talking about an Orendi and Reyna both using the 5 ringer discount on both to great effect.

Yep, and an all-Jennerit team is highly unlikely unless you have friends or clever randoms. Even then, an all-Jennerit team isn’t that viable. You have a lot of damage, but hardly any tanking ability (Attikus? lolnope) and very little healing (Ambra is only half a healer) - and that Jennerit lifesteal is there to recover damage taken, not completely heal yourself.

please explain.


Uh… The other half is “badass”…? Laughs nervously.

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She’s a healer for sure but I can see someone calling her half a healer. She drops some suns that do a bit of healing but then die. Only way she can full heal someone is to take a mutation helix and feed her sun as it heals, its kind of like a weak Miko heal.
Once you level 7 I think it is, she can turn into a heavy hitter by shooting suns and with her legendary she can just spew them out nonstop. Those things hit hard as hell. I’d consider her a healer until that stage.

As for Culling Spike, if it does stack and you get a good team that all utilize it then that isnt too bad but how close is “nearby”. Does everyone need to be inside eachother and create one big super mutant or can they be like 15 meters away?

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She’s nowhere near the level of Alani, Miko, or even Kid Ultra, and is kinda above Reyna in the healing range. So I say she’s half. She’s meant to be versatile, not just a healer or damage dealer.

That also targets all allies in the radius, it’s not as focused yes, but to compare the strength on a single target seems wrong because she can heal multiple people at once


I’ve used the Culling Spike with an all Jennerit team and the attack speed effect does indeed stack to ridiculous levels. It’s fun as hell, but as mentioned before, only truly worth it of you’re running with a pre-made team of mostly Jennerits. Rath, Deande, and Attikus seemed to benefit the most. Blades and knuckle sandwiches everywhere.


yeah but even if you chose the helix to keep it alive by focusing it with your staff the energy gets sucked up in like 2 seconds if multiple people are being healed and then you have to wait your full cooldown before you can spawn another sun.
Dont get me wrong, Ambra is my favorite healer to play as but only because she is a heavy hitter (relatively speaking) and her staff slam is great for incursion.

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Ok I see what you mean, but i would have to say she is on the same level as Miko as they both can heal and sustain for around the same value in a intense match, and can keep their teammates alive just in different ways. Alani and to a lesser extent KU do have a bit of an edge on her ( and Miko too). In the time it takes for them to heal someone below 50%, Alani can heal them fully, if not a big chunk of their health, and another person to boot. And KU’s stationery drones, don’t require his maintenance, a tad more difficult to target, last longer and stacks healing more than her sunspots. Not saying they are unbalanced, but Ambra, Miko and the other supports are more balanced. Can’t wait for the update to see how Alani and KU will be touched up on.

With proper sunspot placement this isn’t an issue even early game. and level 8 right helix synergizes great with stellar ritual and ceremonial sacrifice so you can sustain not just your team but the wave as well .

By that logic, Kid Ultra is on the same level as Miko as a healer, because he can keep his team just in different ways. The way is what determines whether a support is a healer or a shielder or rescuer or buffer or whatever. Ambra is only half a healer - while her staff slam, ultimate, and generally aggressive playstyle can help keep a team back, only one part of her kit is dedicated to healing. She is meant to deal damage, then heal on the side. Here, let me compare to Alani:

Alani is a healer with a mix of CC and rescue.
Ambra is a 50% damage - 50% healer support that heals a bit and keeps the heat off her teammates (there’s a joke about her Heat somewhere in there).

Alani gets high burst healing from her passive.
Ambra gets high burst damage from her passive.

Alani can heal in three ways: Riptide or Geyser (but not both), her passive, and her ultimate (with an optional helix choice; however, the other options represent Alani’s other paths.)
Ambra can heal in one way: sunspots. She technically does have a helix that lets her heal through her beam staff, so you could use that too, even though that wouldn’t be as effective as a. healing sunspots option b. Alani’s helices that heal

I would continue, but I feel like you get what I’m saying.

In short, Ambra could not keep a team as healthy as Miko or Alani could. Miko has the most healing-related abilities and helices in the game – well-known fact – and Ambra only has one. If you compared Ambra’s healing to Miko’s healing in a match (on separate teams, no wound) with to equal players, I can almost guarantee Miko would come out on top.

I do get what your saying, she has multiple damage tools compared to her one and potentially two ways to heal, but these ways can indeed keep her team healthy just as well as the other supports, maybe not as well as alani due to her rescuing potential and burst heals. As for the example given, I would say i have out healed Miko as Ambra quite a number of times, both with ceremonial sacrifice and stellar ritual, but that would be hearsay. I’m pretty sure it has occurred before though, Was there wound? could be as it is much more prevalent now. And even if it did happen I wouldn’t be surprised if Miko did as they are healing “mushroomified.” I’ll just have to look forward to matches where these conditions occur to see the results.

Ps just to be clear I now what you meant by half healer (initially thought it was a diss on her :sweat_smile:) my point now is she can keep up with Miko in heals even surpass, if not she gets pretty darn close.

Back to the topic though, culling spike does have its uses. I ran alongside a rath while I was deande while we both had it and we were two blenders of death. To get the maximum effectiveness coordination and communication is key. Doesn’t have to be all jennerit team though.

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Isn’t that only extra ~5% attack speed boost on top of the gear’s normal boost? Why not just both take Vow of Zealous Fury, or Stolen Edge of Arcvynorr - both Deande and Rath engage after using a skill of some sort, and it isn’t hard to get melee crits since you can just stab a thrall in the face if need be.

Both of those of are great on them no doubt. Me and my friend just decided to try it for a couple matches and found it was fun and had some use. However it would be interesting see if one jennerit had VOZF or SEOA and the rest had culling spike to compliment to see how much attack speed we can put on someone. Too much attack speed is a bad thing but it interesting to see the limit where it’s still good.

To much attack speed bad!! No is not, have u seen deande with 8.4+8.4+12.6+5.04=34.44 att speed moving in circles.!!

Is hard to try to hit her!! That used to be my Loadout but is expensive :disappointed_relieved:

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