Viable 2 Turret Axton Builds? (Grinding to OP 8)

Hey all…my son and I are currently running OP 4, slowly working out way up to 8. Wondering if there are any viable 2 turret builds? I don’t have much for gear yet, have a caustic infinity pistol, as well as an intense UH…but that’s about it. Oh, also have the legendary soldier class mod. Would like to try and find a decent 2 turret build that will be ok to use on OP 8,if we sever make it there, lol. Thanks in advance!

Double-Up plus Gemini is a pretty common go-to build. Here’s a good reference:

More build suggestions here:

I’ve been off the board for a few days, so I apologize for the late reply, but…

I went solo to OP8 using Double Up + Gemini, mostly BeeHawking, using the same build this video shows. No BeeHawk, no Moxxi, no FFYL, no Norfleet in this clip. It’s Double Up + Gemini Axton vs the 4x Assassin spawn:

Same basic build with a Bee here, against the same spawn, to show how easily a shield swap takes it from tanky to offensively oriented:

Many more clips of this in the Axton Peak strategy thread.