Viable M10 SMG's found

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To the players who have missed a hard hitting Smg On M10 we’ve found two,first off I would like to thank The One Punk from the Ps4 Gbx forum members community who was part of my test sessions,The first one was the Hellfire and it was working really good with ok anointments,with consecutive and 50/150 anointmens it really shines,The second one really surprised me is the Tsunami a rare drop from Katagowa Ball,this thing hits hard and with really good anointments like the one I currently use 50/150 it’s a good alternative to the Kaoson which I don’t miss as much


I’ve always liked the Tsunami. This gun in my opinion is the most underrated weapon in the game.

I havent farmed for a M10 version yet but I will now. It’ll give me something to do other than killing Killavolt constantly hoping for a x8 Monarch with SNTNL Cryo that I’m never going to get …


I haven’t seen @the1pnk here for quite a while.

I remember despising the tsunami on old m4 just because of the inconsistency and not being able to control how it works. I also remember the hellfire being mediocre. What enemies/areas are these tests happening in. Not doubting or trying to be confrontational, just genuinely curious as when the last time I used these weapons was before these anoints even existed… Videos?

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Thanks! I wonder if we could put together a general thread with weapons that work alright on Mayhem 10. Not only would it be really helpful to players but it would help direct Gearbox to the specific buffs they need to do :+1:

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Yeah, that’s a good question. If they’re managing their own on Athenas that doesn’t exactly represent the whole game anymore. Proper testing requires somewhere like the Maliwan Takedown.

I’d like to know what character they are using and the relic/artifact/mod bonuses etc etc as all can impact performance for that very particular gun in very particular circumstances as well. Being viable and literally having a very specific, entirely built around 1 thing build are sorta different IMHO. Still cool to know, but different.


The Tsunami was never really a bad gun, it just got overlooked and it got a nice buff recently.


Both tests were with 2 completely different Moze builds a low HP 50/150 with one and a straight dps build with the other,Areas that I personally test are The Anvil,Guts of Carnavora,and Maliwan.I also know that yes the Com’s and Artifact’s that I was using tended to enhance how they were performing but we also know you really can’t run M10 with crap anoint’s,I just was seeing similar performance to what I was doing before the Patch and testing with a partner with totally different builds to see if we had similar data,Imho I think the Tsunami was overlooked and has alot of potential over what we have post Patch.

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That’s awesome to hear :smiley: Lord knows the game needs all the good it can get atm. I’m just always a specifics guy when it comes to people saying this and that is good. I’ve seen too many claims of something being good and it just being a big pile of poo lol I would go and try them out now but honestly with the dlc coming out and the level cap I think I’ll just keep waiting because I can’t talk myself into getting back on BL3 atm sadly … but yea the coms and stuff can really stack with how some weapons work is why I always ask that because a lot of people will never see god roll stacks that can really make a weapon usable.

The One Punk was testing one with a fire rate and reload anointment and still had good results,I also feel you’re pain with some of the ups and downs we’ve endured,kinda just eased my way back into the game and wait to see how they work things out.

Both of these guns got a buff a couple of weeks ago, along with other SMGs:

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Thank you for the clarity,because I’d overlooked the fact that it was one of the ones buffed,and of those I tested the Tsunami by far seems the strongest of them

The Tsunami seem to have a horrendous drop rate from Katagawa Ball . I’ve proabably killed the ball 50+ times and only saw 2…

I’ve seen plenty of brainstormer and Kill’o wasp though…

Took me 2 days to get the consecutive hit one,farming split screen ugh but a better chance with 2 loot pools,the lengths some of us go to for gear,I was lucky to have the 50/150 from earlier testing with Zane

The thing about Tsunami and Hellfire is that they can wreck in the right hands. But you gotta play aggressive with them. You gotta be hitting the crits ferociously. If you can land most of the Tsunami hits into a crit, that’s multiplying that damage. A mindsweeper Moze? These things are deadly.

But it’s alllll about playstyle.

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