Vibra Pulse Better than Rosie on the Sentinel

This may be heretical and some may call me out but the easy to get and solid Vibra Pulse is far better on Wilhelm against the Sentinel than a Shock Rosie.

Why do I say this?

Number of Deaths.

In a series of fights against the sentinel with a laser specked Wilhelm, I won EVERY time using the Vibra Pulse. Yes it took longer but I was near invincible with an Adaptive Shield and Heat Sinks with Hard to Kill fully specked. I believe the Vibra Pulse simply allowed me to continue to beat Healthgate throughout the fights.

I switched to a Shock Rosie and while the fight I won was over fairly quickly…I lost three before I won that fight. Plus, the Rosie jumps around like a chicken with its head cut off. It’s damned hard to hit anything with accuracy.

As a side note: If you are good with a Hail as well,…you DO become invincible LOL.

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I mean yeah using the Moxxi weapon will be better if you’re specifically counting survivability. Neither are that amazing in general nor is the Sentinel fight very hard to survive in most of the time. I would rather use a Mali Splitter over either for a sentinel run just cuz Sentinel is so easy to dodge regardless.

If by, “better,” you mean “easier,” I believe you. But not being a Wilhelm player, I have nothing more to add than I rarely use either weapons since level 70 cap.

Not very much specific analysis is needed for Wilhelm he’s fairly vanilla as far as weapons are concerned, So your analysis is more or less correct, as both are lower tier lasers as far as Wilhelm is concerned, with some mention to the Viber being useful in a build where you cancel W/S for OC boosts and need the regen, or I guess for lazily facetanking enemies.

I second this notion, Glitch Mali Splitters are the best lasers for this fight. And between Energize, Divert Power, 3DD1.E (only b/c I’m using lasers), and the other health/shield boost its very easy to stay alive as Wilhelm in this or any fight. Since surviving is more or less his specialty.

Mali Splitters…sounds like the ticket.

And I do like to somewhat face tank the Sentinel…

Gets me into trouble a lot.

If you are patient and just jump around a lot, you can win with just about anything. I did the fight the other day with just Unique guns, no purples, glitches or Legendaries…and while taking a long time, I was never really in difficulty.

Came back and did it with just unique Lasers, Firestarta, Vibrapulse, Laser of Enlightenment and Shock Kiss of Death. Took a while and had to be real careful with the Laser of Enlightement when I got close enough to use it. A lot of switching to Vibra Pulse to rebuild health…but it worked.

Firestata was surprisingly pretty decent once shields came down.

Fastest for me is a Blaster Mod and Shock and Fire Rosie yet I’m not very survivable. But when I win it is over pretty quickly…about 7 minutes. Blaster mod helps the Rosie a lot with the accuracy/recoil.

Thanks for the tip on glitch Mali Splitters. HaNa gave me a couple but I have them in the bank…never used…don’t even know what the codes are on them.

Will have to dig them out.